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Under Night In-Birth premiered in Japanese arcades on September 20th 2012. French Bread, the developer of UNiB watched closely and intently to see how their game would evolve among players in the wild. It didn't take long before they realized mistakes were made. The game had turned into brainless one touch infinite looping combos and was going against their original intention of rewarding smart gameplay.

On September 9th, 2013 Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late was released in Japanese arcades. UNiEL is the current version of the game and has fixed many of the problems players and French Bread had with the previous version.

Arc System Works will be publishing a PlayStation 3 version for Japan on July 24, 2014. This version will be region free allowing for friendly importing and will also be available digitally through Japanese PSN. The console version will be adding new features such as proper online modes, expanded story, custom color pallets and the addition of two new characters. Nanase and Byakuya. It will be released in North America by Aksys Games in 2015.

Game Mechanics

At first glance UNiEL may seem like a typical "anime" fighter but this is only true in appearance. The one big thing that differentiates UNiEL from Arcsys brand of fighters is that it lacks universal air dashes. UNiEL is a very grounded fighter. This is not to say that characters don't have unique movement options because many do. It's better to think of it as a hybrid between the traditional Street Fighter grounded neutral game mixed with systems found in Arcsys air-dash fighters but still having unique systems that make it stand out on its own.

Button Layout

UNiEL is a 4 button fighter. A is weak attack. B medium attack. C strong attack. D is EXS action.


UNiEL has characters with run or hop dashes. You can dash by tapping forward or backward twice or pressing forward or backward and A+B. Most characters also have special dash attacks they can do by pressing forward B/C which can be done during or before the dash animation even starts.


Blocking is done by holding back. You can air block in the game which works well against air to air attacks. However the majority of grounded normals and specials are air unblockable.


This bar can be thought of as your super meter. 200% is a full bar. 100% is considered half full. EXS is used for EX moves/supers and other mechanics. Any remaining EXS will carry over to the next round.


Normals are attacks done by pressing A/B/C. Command Normals are different attacks that are done by holding a direction and pressing A/B/C.


Like in any fighting game you have moves that require a motion and button press to do. A/B/C can change your special moves distance and properties but using the same motion and D button will always be an EX version of the move that requires 100% EXS.


Throws in UNiEL are fast but have short range. They will beat out any normals and some characters do have air throws. Throws are done by pressing forward or back and A+D. Once you are grabbed you have 13 frames to tech the throw. If you do so successfully you have 8 frames of advantage before the opponent can move and are rewarded with a small GRD bonus. If you whiff an attack with recovery frames your opponent can throw you with no fear of a throw escape. Keep in mind that once you input a throw escape there is a small window where you can't throw escape. So if you are mashing throw as an option select you may be sorry. You can cancel A normals to throws but if you do so while your opponent is still in block stun you will get a Gold Throw. They have a much larger tech window of 29 frames. You can extend the range of throws by using them after a dash.

Passing Link

Passing Link is UNiEL's term for chain combos. You can chain attacks from light to strong.

Smart Steer

Every character has a preconfigured auto combo known as Smart Steer. Mash A, it does a combo.

Chip Damage

By blocking attacks you will receive small amounts of damage. However you can not be KO'd by chip damage.

Hyde's Force Function

Force Function

Force Function is a character specific move that uses one GRD block but can still be done with no GRD. It is done by pressing B+C and can be used to cancel normals but not specials.


You can recover or tech out of combos by holding A/B/C. On the ground you can neutral tech or roll backwards. In the air you can tech neutral/back/forward. A very important thing to note is that recovery in the air is like Street Fighter. You are invincible to any attacks until you hit the ground. If you hit a button right before you are wall bounced or slammed on the ground you can escape your opponents combo.


You will get a counter hit when you interrupt your opponents attack with your own. If you get a counter with any button except for A it will become a High Counter. A normal counter hit increase the hit stun of an attack by 1.5x while a High Counter increases hit stun by 2x. Counter hits make it possible for easier confirms and lead to greater damaging combos. They also let you pick up downed opponent to continue a combo. AKA OTG (off the ground)

Grind Grid

Grind Grid

The Grind Grid or GRD for short is probably the most interesting and vital to learn mechanic in the game. GRD is located at the bottom centre of the screen with six red blocks on one side and six blue blocks on the other.

Player one owns the red side while player 2 owns the blue side. You are awarded GRD blocks by doing many things in the game including moving forward, landing combos, blocking, as well as other mechanics. You can also lose GRD blocks. Some examples on how you would lose GRD are running away, getting hit and having someone escape your throw attempt. Both players always start with zero GRD at the start of a round.

Vorpal state

A ring between both players' GRD's is a timer of sorts. The white bar inside fills every 15 seconds and the player with the most GRD is rewarded by going into Vorpal state. They will emit a blue pulse while in Vorpal and all their attacks will receive a 10% damage increase. More importantly however they will now be able to cash in their GRD blocks for EXS meter by using Chain Shift.

Chain Shift

Chain Shift can only be used while in Vorpal state. By pressing neutral D twice you will stop all movement on screen for a brief moment and Chain Shift. When you do this you will cash in all GRD blocks you have for EXS. Each GRD block is worth 20 EXS for a total of 120 EXS if you have all six GRD blocks full when you Chain Shift. Because of the brief freeze mechanic Chain Shift can be used as a defensive tool to react to your opponent. The other very important property Chain Shift has is the ability to cancel any move allowing you to extend combos or make a move safe. However the EXS obtained by using Chain Shift to cancel moves is less then doing a neutral Chain Shift. The ability to use Chain Shift in offensive and defensive ways makes it a key tool to understand and use.


By holding down D you will start to charge up and gain GRD. However you will be unable to defend in this state so brief calculated use of it is advised. It's also worth noting that if you charge for up to 30 frames you will start to decrease your opponents GRD in combination with gaining your own.

Hyde's Assault


Assault is the closest thing UNiEL has to a universal air-dash. By pressing forward D you will launch yourself forward a set distance gaining 1/2 GRD block and making any aerial normal/special you do become an overhead. (even if it didn't have overhead properties beforehand). Assault is invincible to throws and has a short start up time where you can't do anything. Getting a hit off Assault scales damage poorly unless you get a counter hit nullifying Assault's poor damage scaling. The real downside to Assault is that you can't air block or use Shield during it, so you are committed to attack.



Shield is done by holding back, down-back or up back and holding D. You must successfully Shield high or low depending on the incoming attack.You can Shield in the air and block all attacks that may have been normally air unblockable. You gain a lot of GRD by successfully using Shield against attacks while at the same time decreasing your opponents GRD. One should note GRD bonus from Shield is not as great when in Vorpal state. When you successfully Shield an attack you will see a blue effect and you will recover faster from block stun then normal guarding. Ground Shield makes you recover 3 frames faster while a successful air Shield recovers 6 frames faster.

Successful Guard Shield

You can also Guard Shield for 10 EXS while in block stun. This has a green effect if done correctly and has the same benefits of a successful Shield done outside of block stun. However if you try to Guard Shield and no attack is blocked you will lose one GRD block.

While you are using Shield you can not tech throws. If you are thrown while using Shield you will automatically be put in GRD Break status. If you chose high Shield and you get hit with a low attack or vice versa, you will also be put into GRD Break status.

GRD Break

When in GRD Break state you can not use Assault or Shield. You will also not enter Vorpal state even if you have more GRD than your opponent. A bar will appear between your EXS meter and your Grind Grid. Once this bar fills you will exit the GRD Break state. Successfully guarding your opponents attacks will help shorten the time of GRD Break. If you have enough EXS to use Veil Off it will immediately take you out of GRD Break.

Veil Off

When you have 100% EXS you can activate Veil Off by pressing A+B+C. You are completely invincible on start up burst of Veil Off and if you hit your opponent with the burst you gain one GRD block. Once activated you EXS bar will begin to deplete. During this time you can use as many moves that require EXS as you like. You also do 20% more damage overall. Combine this with Vorpal state and that damage buff stacks to 30%. Also worth noting that GRD you gain through Concentration and Shield increase during Veil Off.

Hyde's Guard Thrust

Guard Thrust

Guard Thrust is UNiEL's term for alpha counters or guard cancels. During block stun if you press qcb D you will do an invincible attack knocking your opponent away and giving you some space. It costs 100% EXS and you will go into GRD Break right after doing it. If you are in Vorpal state when you Guard Thrust you will exit Vorpal but not go into GRD Break.


UNiEL has a diverse cast of characters with many different play styles. The majority of the cast is comprised of original characters but it does have a couple guest characters from other fighting games. Guest characters are something French Bread has stated they would like to continue doing in the future if the possibility presents itself.


-Health: 12,300

-Play-style: Well-rounded

-Dash type: Run

-Specialty: Insulator

Hyde is a standard character who can fight in both close and long range. Hyde's normal moves where he uses his sword deal good chip damage if blocked. Dash C is one of Hyde's best ways to get close to his opponent.


-Health: 9,500

-Play-style: Balanced, Rush-down

-Dash Type: Run

-Specialty: Double jump

Linne is speedy character who has a fast dash and is able to double jump making longer aerial combos possible.


-Health: 10,800

-Play-style: Grappler

-Dash Type: Hop Dash

-Specialty: Destroyers

Waldstein can swing his claws to destroy the opponent's projectiles.

Waldstein overwhelms his opponents with long range and powerful attacks. He may not look like it, but he has a lot of fast moves and can inflict damaging combos. Waldstein makes a living through pressure with 50/50 mix-ups and damaging command grabs.


-Health: 10 000

-Play-style: Offensive, Rushdown, Pressure

-Dash Type: Run

-Specialty: Dissolve

Carmine is a character who uses his own health to use powerful special moves. By using his specials a pool of blood called "Dissolve" appears on the ground. He uses these pools for more attacks. Planning ahead is needed to play Carmine effectivley since you could spend all your health zoning if not careful.


-Health: 9,450

-Play-style: Offensive, Rushdown

-Dash Type: Run

Orie is a character with fast movement who can pressure and control space very well. Much of Orie's moves are simple to make use of and are all around decent poking and zoning tools. She also has a stand she can call open that has its own unique moves. Much like calling upon a persona in Persona 4 Arena.


-Health: 10,500

-Play-type: Offensive, Footsies

-Dash Type: Run

-Specialty: Assimilation

Gordeau is power fighter with long reach, good priority in his specials and has the only move in the game that can steal GRD from the opponent. He can fight just as well in close range thanks to his long sweep kick and advancing overhead move. Gordeau is often very overwhelming to fight at long range due to his near full-screen reach, but he lacks projectiles and non-physical zoning tools.


-Health: 9,200

-Play-style: Versatile

-Dash Type: Run

-Specialty: Flight

Merkava can hover and fly for a moment by holding any up directions while jumping. (Much like Eddie/Zato-1 in Guilty Gear). While in flight he has acess to special attacks.

He has air projectiles, full screen and up close command grabs and good range on a lot of normals. He relies often on punishing and random hit confirms into long effective combos with good hitboxes.


-Health: 9,600

-Play-style: Zoning, Charge, Pressure

-Dash Type: Hop Dash

-Specialty: Counter Nullifying

Vatista nullifies the properties opponent would gain from a counter hit. Meaning the opponent's combos will be shorter since they don't get long hitstun, and that the opponent can't pick Vatista up from a downed state.

She uses charge commands for projectiles and anti-air specials for spacing.


-Health: 8,100

-Play-style: Offensive, Mix-up

-Dash Type: Run

-Specialty: Aerial backdash, fast fall

Seth is the only character in the game with aerial dashes in all directions.

Seth is a speed-type character who confuses his opponents with fast movements and teleport attacks. He has very little trouble getting into his opponent's space with good zoning and mindgames, but requires skill to be used effectively as he's not overly strong and can't risk taking much damage.


-Health: 9,800

-Play-style: Zoning, Stance

-Dash: Run

-Specialty: Stance system

Yuzuriha has her own unique gauge system in addition to the regular systems in place. She has stances she can enter and while in them can not press the same button twice. Gauge below her health bar shows you which button you can still use. Pink button is the one you're currently pressing, the one you still can use are colored in blue and the dark one's are the button you've already used.

Yuzuriha is very strong at match control and zoning with her sword, but takes an intimate understanding to be used effectively. Using her stance moves at incorrect distances can result in her getting easily punished. Learn her intricacies and her creative depth will reward you.


-Health: 9,100

-Play-style: Zoning

-Dash Type: Run

Hilda is a pure zoning character who must fight to keep her opponent away. It is at this distance where she can control her opponent best. She has long ranged normals with good priority. She can attack with various long range tools that keep her oppoent locked down on wake up and unable to advance. However, if her opponent does get in things could end quickly as she has no good reversals up close.


-Health: 9,400

-Play-style: Offensive, Rushdown

-Dash Type: Run

-Specialty: Pistol, Aerial Throw

Eltnum is a guest character from the fighting series Melty Blood. She is a speedy standard character who can fight well at any range.

She has her own character specific bullet counter with 12 shots. Bullets are consumed when you input a command for certain moves. You will be forced to reolad if you run out of bullets. Normal bullets are white, used bullets are black and reinforced bullets are purple.


-Health: 9,800

-Play-style: Offensive, Footsies

-Dash Type: Run

-Specialty: Azhi Dahaka

Chaos is a puppet character who can control a giant lizard and make it attack in tandem with himself. It has a specific gauge limiting its use. When the icon is green, you can freely order the lizard. When the icon is red, Azhi Dahaka is either in the middle of a move or still recovering from previous move. When Azhi takes a hit, it disappears from the screen and the icon turns black. You can't use Azhi during this time. Icon recovers back to green after few seconds.

Chaos' technical playstyle requires good judgment and solid spacing, so he can be hard to use, because his non-Azhi moves aren't too good. Chaos has a good amount of match control at his disposal due to mechanics involving Azhi attacking at unexpected moments, making him solid at punishing some attacks.


-Health: ?????

-Play-style: Versatile

-Dash Type: Hop Dash

-Specialty: Double Jump, Aerial Throw

Akatsuki is the second guest character from Akatsuki Blitzkampf. He fights much the same and is a standard character with a projectile, and uppercut making him a shoto-clone that's easy to use and pick up. His normals lack the range of the rest of the cast and without a run dash he lacks mobility. However his combos can deal massive amounts of damage.


-Dash Type: Hop Dash

Nanase was the first new character announced for the PS3 release of UNiEL. Her attacks are a bit slower and she can cause whirlwinds with her giant sword.


-Dash Type: Run

Byakuya was the second new character announced for the PS3 release of UNiEL. His attacks resemble that of a spider and he can also set web traps that can hold his opponent in place.


This art piece sparked rumours about Filia being a new guest character in UNiEL. It was made by one of the artist's on UNiEL as a welcome gift for Skullgirls getting ported to NESiCA arcade hardware in Japan. It was also included in the fan art Gallery section of the PC version of Skullgirls.

Yuzuriha makes a cameo as a background character in SkullGirls .


The official soundtrack was released on December 19th 2012 in Japan.

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