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UnEpic is the product of what is pretty much a one-man operation; Francisco Téllez de Meneses is the sole person behind the concept, design, programming, story and dialogue and even the soundtrack for the game. According to the author, the game's biggest source of inspiration was The Maze of Galious.


Daniel, the protagonist, is having a Dungeons & Dragons session at a friend's house when the beer kicks in and he needs to go to the bathroom. There, the lights go out and none of his friends reply to him. All is silent and when he turns on his Zippo lighter, he suddenly finds himself in and old medieval castle, filled with enemies and traps. Equipped with his wits, quirky remarks and all the loot he can find, Daniel sets out to explore the castle's 200 rooms and find out just what exactly is going on...


In its essence, UnEpic is an action-RPG-- you kill enemies, you gather XP, you level up and assign ability points, there's also quests, loot, armor sets, potions, a crafting system of sorts, pet companions, merchants, etc, etc. On the other hand, it's also a side-scrolling platformer. Most areas in the map are only accessible by means of acquiring a key to open that specific area's door. In that regard, it is very much like any other metroidvania, where you'll find yourself traveling back and forth in the map as you unlock more and more areas.


There isn't an actual skill tree in UnEpic. Instead, you assign points to several key features, which will progressively make your character more powerful and more adaptable to your favorite gameplay style. You gain 5 points each time you level up.

Character Skills

  • Constitution -- grants you more HP, thus making you tougher to kill
  • Potions -- increases your magical ability level, which is important in order for the player to be able to read and learn spells
  • Armour -- allows the player to be able to equip heavier and better armor

Spell Skills

Assigning ability points to any of the spell disciplines will make you more proficient with using them. Here are the 8 different Magic schools:

  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Arcane
  • Light
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Alteration
  • Mental

Weapon Skills

Assigning ability points to any of the weapon types in the game will make you more proficient with them, namely by automatically increasing your normal damage and your critical hit chances and consequent damage with that given weapon class.


There are over 100 weapons divided into seven major classes to be found in UnEpic and you can't rely on just your favorite to beat the game, as each type of weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, thus making them a lot better or a lot worse against certain types of enemies or obstacles.

Weapon ClassDescription
Swords are especially good to attack monsters that can bleed.
They are much less effective against armoured enemies or simply against those that don't bleed, such as skeletons.
Unlike the Swords, Maces are especially effective against skeletons and armored enemies.
They're also great for smashing any barrels you find along the way.
Bows are obviously meant to attack enemies from a distance, but beware; if such enemy is wearing an armour, it won't do as much damage as it normally would.
Bows can only be used if you have arrows for it-- arrows can be found or looted during the game.
Polearms have a much wider reach than any of the other melee weapons in the game, and are great against enemies you don't want to get close to, such as for example poisonous foes.
Daggers are the fastest weapons in the game and will land critical hits if you attack from behind. They're only really useful against bleeding enemies, though.
Axes are a mix of sword and mace, as they both land bleeding and blunt damage; they are however much slower than any of the above.
Wands shoot magical bolts out of them. They're very destructive and have a fast attack rate, but are hindered by having limited charges.

Magic Items

There are over 70 spells, potions and magical objects and weapons to be found in the world of UnEpic. Magic items can once again be divided into seven groups.

Magical ClassDescription
Potions come in a great variety, from health and regeneration potions to trap detection potions, etc. They all have a positive effect on the user and can only be used once, although you can keep the empty vials to craft more potions into.
Scrolls often contain powerful spells, but can only be used once, as the scroll itself will disappear once it has been used. Save them for tricky situations.
Tomes have spells that you can read and use whenever you need to. However, the player must meet the tomes' magical requirements in order to use any one of them-- these obviously vary, depending on just how powerful the spell is.
Recipes will allow you to create all sort of potions, so long as you have all the necessary ingredients. Ingredients can be looted off of dead enemies and sometimes even chests.
Rings grant you passive bonuses to your skills. And unlike with other games, you can use up to 8 rings at once, one per each finger, thumb excluded.
Magical Weapons
Some weapons you come across will have special powers or spirits that live within them and that make them unique and more powerful.
Magical Weapons' names will show up in blue or orange in your inventory.
Artifacts are very rare and hold great power within them.
These are not passive and must be activated in order for the player to benefit from them.


System Requirements

Resolution: 1024x768 pixels.

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