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UniBall Cyber-Team-Sport action
UniBall is an independent game in which players pilot one ship in a team. The team must shoot a ball into the opposition teams net. This is achieved through passing and movement. A good way of describing the game would be "space hockey"

Other modes have been added such as basketball and dodgeball but the main mode remains "space hockey".

Matches are played out in arena's of which many are available. The shape and goal configuration can differ hugely between arenas. but the basic premise remains the same. Score a goal. Goals are protected by Arkanoid/pong type panels that are automated although some players do choose to goal-keep themselves as well as the panel.

Although the graphics of UniBall are extremely simplistic, they serve to provide a excellent lag-free experience and attempts to update the game into 3D have not been accepted by the player base.

UniBall still has an active player base and recently won the Game of the month award from in June 2008 after a patched update.

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