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Uniracers, or Unirally in PAL-territories, is a unicycle racing game for the Super Nintendo. Taking place in the "Uni-verse", the unicycles have no purpose but to race. Uniracers is a game where tricks are not only a device for showing off, but are also vital for beating some of the computer unicycles.

There are three different types of tracks.

  1. Race: Simple point-A-to-point-B race. First one to reach the finish line wins. There are two of these in each tour.
  2. Circuit: Like a race, but there are a number of laps to complete before the unicycle finishes.
  3. Stunt: A unique mode, there are no CPU unicycles in Stunt tracks. Instead, the player must reach a predetermined point goal within 45 seconds to pass the course successfully.

The track layout in every Tour goes Race, Circuit, Stunt, Race, Circuit.


The Sun didn’t rise, the Moon didn’t set. Fluffy clouds failed to make any sort of appearance and the night wasn’t dark and stormy. Nobody was silhouetted against a backdrop of stars and the burning fires of the dawn sky somehow never had a chance. There were no such things, you see. Not in the Universe of the Uniracers.

But heck, that’s the way it goes sometimes. There were far more important things to work up a sweat about than some pretty scenery. Racing for one thing, for another....well that was it, just racing. It was the whole purpose of the Uniracers. And it happened sort of like this:

Far in the past, or what passed for the past, some great and powerful Unigod looked across the abstract Universe and realized that his boredom went right off the scale. He was through with creating a planet here, an asteroid there. What’s more he was trying to impress a young goddess who thought that he lacked a creative imagination. After all, you can only say kind things about a newly created world so many times without giggling.

This wasn’t a fun situation for the Unigod, as you can well imagine. So after a timeless interval locked in the celestial equivalent of a cupboard, with an endless supply of Turbo-Strength Coffee, he came up with the idea of a race of Unicycles who would compete in the ultimate games! What’s more, it would really break the ice at parties. Such is the legend told by Unicycles when they slow down enough to talk to each other (well sometimes), although no-one seems to know whether the Unigod actually won over the young goddess and lived happily ever after. In fact if you stopped a Unicycle and asked, you’d find that none of them really cared. It’s RACING that’s the thing.

So the Uniracers came into being and, boy, were they racing machines or what?!?! An entire race of dedicated cycles. Sure enough they got right into their role and raced all the time in the abstract days and neon nights of their Universe. And so it went for a long, long time. But there is something else, too. Even when a Unicycle couldn’t find a racing partner, out of the abstract blue would turn up a Ghostly cycle to provide a race by which to measure themselves. The Ghosts never talk, never hang about to see what happens. Some call them the free spirits of cycles that lost important races and were condemned to race forever to prove themselves. Others claim that they are the personal cycles of that old Unigod, used to make sure the rest of them keep on track.

And at the very end of the “day” in whispers, is told the tale of the Anti-Uni, the ultimate racer whom no-one can find, no-one but the very greatest of all. Become the very height of racing excellence and the Anti-Uni will come to challenge you...

Playable Unicycles

There are 18 unicycles that can be chosen.

  • Mike - Red Unicycle
  • Martin - Dark Green Unicycle
  • Amy - Orange Unicycle
  • Michelle - Yellow-Green Unicycle
  • Dave - Grey Unicycle
  • Carol - Pink Unicycle
  • Ken - Purple Unicycle
  • Alice - Green Unicycle
  • Andrew - Blue Unicycle
  • Melissa - Yellow Unicycle
  • Malcolm - Teal Unicycle
  • Colin - Light Blue Unicycle
  • Tony - Black Unicycle
  • Craig - Light Green Unicycle
  • Robbie - Maroon Unicycle
  • Steve - Light Blue Unicycle

Tour Layout

There are nine different Tours, including 4 initially marked off Tours, and one hidden Tour. Each Tour is represented by an animal.

  1. Crawler (The Snail): Dragster, Zoom Zoo, Bowl, Switcher, Monster
  2. Shuffler (The Turtle): Looper, MegaJump, Jumps, Flat Fun, Infinity
  3. Walker (The Porcupine): Dragrace, Ping Pong, Hill Climb, Hybrid, Short Cut
  4. Hopper (The Frog): Wario Paint, Crock, Downer, East, Hairpin Hill
  5. Jumper (The Rabbit): Wobble, Twinpeak, Skier, Loopback, Small Cut
  6. Bounder (The Kangaroo): Last One, Marathon, Circle, Plinkey, Jumpover
  7. Runner (The Ostrich): Down Up, Highroad, Spine, Boo!, Fire Escape
  8. Sprinter (The Cheetah): Vertical, Flash, Little Dipper, Fruitbat, 123 Jump
  9. Hunter (The Dinosaur): Griller, Two Loops, Neon, Hamster, To and Fro

Hunter Tour Tricks

The CPU unicycle for the final Tour, or "Anti-Uni", will throw some nasty tricks at the player to try to prevent the player from beating the game. Note that these effects cannot be activated in two-player action.

  1. Barf Mode: The background scrolls crazily, making it disorienting for the player.
  2. Invisible Track: Makes the track invisible.
  3. Mirror Track: Flips the screen upside down, making it a little tricky to navigate.
  4. Reverse Controls: Left moves the player's unicycle to the right, and vice versa.
  5. Slow Motion: The game slows down, making it a little easier.
  6. Super Bounce Mode: Makes your unicycle bounce very high when it lands.
  7. Hedgehog Mode: Makes the game even slower than Slow Motion. Not-so-subtle jab at Sega.


There are a number of interesting things about Uniracers.

A group of up to eight players can compete for Unicycle glory in League Mode.
  • The game disallows using swear words, giving the message "Not Cool Enough". This message is also given for entering the name "SEGA" or "SONIC".
  • There is a league mode, where 8 players can join a league and face off, two at a time, for bragging rights.
  • The game saves the top three best times for each course, the unicycle that set the time, and each of the 16 unicycles' best times for each course.
  • If the game is beaten, the player is rewarded with two tabloid-esque newspapers, and a "Whodunnit" screen, with caricatures of the creators' faces on unicycles.
  • The manual is noted for being one of the most humorous of any video game, and includes a page on Uni-verse theory.

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