Better than sonic?

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Do you guys think the sense of speed is better or worse? I think it's greater - what with the tricks and all.

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i remember this game barely..was a fun game..the stunts were hard...was a pretty fast game from memory at times..but more stunts based i thought

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I remember having a lot of fun with this game as a kid.  saying it's better than sonic might be flame-bait but it definetly had a good sense of speed to it and had plenty of courses/ modes to keep us busy for a while.

Did not even realize this was Rockstar until I came to this did they come from uniracers to GTA I have no idea.

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Don't forget that DMA Design (I hate the name Rockstar North) did Lemmings also. So loads of great stuff came out from them before they turned into a one trick pony... Although I'm not sure how many original members are still at DMA, probably very few.

And concerning the topic... It's hard to tell... I'd say pretty much equal, although I do prefer Unirally...

#5 Posted by Kontrapunkt (423 posts) -

Oh so many good memories playing this game.... So, Totally Awesome!!!!!
Ya i would say this game is alot quicker the tracks are smaller compared to Sonics LEVELS and you dont have to worry about any robots bent on stealing your rings.

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