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Destroying the human race should be more fun than this... 0

Universe at war – Earth assault is a sci-fi RTS developed by Petrogylph, consisting of many of those lovely Westwood fellows (It said so on the back of the box!) who I’m sure you all know for the seminal command and conquer series. Naturally when one places the words “Westwood” and “RTS” in the same sentence when describing a game, you expect something special. I mean, those guys are pretty much the daddies of the genre as it stands, so the game has to be good, right? The games setting is a fai...

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A good game that no ones knows about. 0

The shame about this game is that next to nobody bought it. For different reasons sure, but its a game that you mush check you if your a RTS fan. This game was quickly overlooked because of CnC3 and Supreme Commander all came out around the same time. Although for me this game is so much better than those games. This game features something that many RTS games forget, completely different races to play as. You might say "Well Command and Conquer 3 had different races." Yes, it did, but in reali...

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a great concept 0

the idea behind this game is fantastic and the storyline is rather the beginning. very quickly this game becomes bogged down with unnecessarily  complicated controls and the actual system for keeping track of the game progress and activity simply isnt there. many times i attempted to create units and found myself either on the wrong building, not having that building anymore or lacking the resources to perform. collecting resources is ultra easy as long as your enemies let you, ...

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This truly is Video Game: The Game 0

Another year, and yet another RTS ported to the Xbox 360. Following in the footsteps of Battle For Middle Earth II and Command & Conquer 3, a new challenger approaches this platform with a new and evolved control scheme, and cross-platform online play with the PC as well via Xbox Live!. The developer of Universe At War, Petroglyph is made up of classic developers from Westwood, and has previously released the Star Wars: Empire At War series. This is their first original IP, and their first c...

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