So you like space do you?

#1 Posted by Schmollian (319 posts) -

Well here is a little (actually about 500mb so not that little actually) program I found simply called:

Its a bit unstable (crashes ALOT), as it is still in BETA, but it is probably the most amazing space exploration simulator(?) I have ever seen. You can start on the surface of a planet, then fly out to see the solar system, then go even further to see different stars, and even further than that to see the entire galaxy and eventually the entire (procedurelly generated) universe.

Very cool little program. Again, expect it to crash roughly every five minutes or so because it is QUITE unstable, but don't let that keep you from playing with this little gem.

Also. SPAAAAAAACEEEEE!!! (Couldn't resist. Sorry.)
#2 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

i like pretending to like space and talking about the space sphere from Portal 2

but in reality, space is fucking complicated and boring. it's just cool for us atheist gamers to pretend we're all about science 
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Thanks. I love space. No joke. This will hold me over until I fix my telescope.

#4 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3218 posts) -

I fully expect this game to destroy my crappy computer.

#5 Posted by onarum (2547 posts) -

That is pretty awesome, but unfortunately I can't possibly run it...

#6 Posted by Slaker117 (4857 posts) -

Not going to be able to run it, but that video looked pretty damn cool. It makes me happy to know this exists.

#7 Posted by ZagZagovich (807 posts) -

There is an older program like that called celestia. It is less pretty but has a lot of really interesting mods for it. Mods that recreate sci-fi universes or tell a narrative through the life cycle of a made up system. it's pretty cool.

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#9 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2455 posts) -

My computer just blew up.

#10 Posted by ErEl (141 posts) -

What's with all the Portal 2 spoilers.

#11 Posted by Vitor (3079 posts) -
@ErEl said:
" What's with all the Portal 2 spoilers. "
It's only a very specific spoiler and hardly gives away much unless you know what it's referring to.

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