I can't do this!

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I've been playing this game keyboard only and I've been loving it so far, but now I've reached a part where I just can't do what I'm supposed to. I kept trying to do this over and over again, but it didn't work, so I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I checked a guide. YES I AM DOING WHAT I HAVE TO, BUT IT'S NOT WORKING!.

You see, I have to unplug these shitters. 

There's three of them, but the last one just will not go out! I've gotten it to the brink where it looks like it's gonna pop out, but I just can't get it OUT!  

Anyone else using a keyboard to play that has gotten through this part? I've tried all kinds of angles from all kinds of distances to get some leverage. It ain't working. 
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I can't believe this, of course this happened. After numerous attempts, I got it out as soon as I made this thread...what the f***.  
It's just so random. I run at the plug from a crazy angle and that should not be the way to do it for keyboard folks, but after multiple attempts like that I got through.  
This almost makes me frustrated enough to want to stop for today...oh look, an upgrade pod!

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