Yeah so about this being exclusive for XBOX live.

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Gameloft after releasing UNO on the Iphone will be releasing it on PSN, PSPN, WiiWare and DSiWare. I find it odd actually that it was only on the Xbox on the first place. Anyway PSN and PSPN will most like ly be identical, the Wiiware version could be using wii speak and the DSiware version can be extremely intersting if it uses the DSi camera and microphone for online play.

Quote from Gameloft their press release:

Gameloft, a leading developer and publisher of video games for mobile phones and consoles, announced today a worldwide multi-year licensing agreement to develop, publish and distribute the popular card game, UNO(TM). In addition to the iPhone and iPod versions currently available, UNO(TM) will now also be available across mobile phones, PlayStation 3 Network, PlayStation Portable Network, WiiWare and DSi Ware. The game will be available for these platforms in 2009.

I am a bit on the fence about creating a new game page for this, the iphone version of this was made by gameloft and not carbonated games however the UNO license is from Matell. Was the Iphone version a variant of the origianl XBOX live game or was it built on a new foundation?

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I do believe its built on a new foundation having nothing to do with carbonated games as for that the xbox live version is the best i've played computer uno games before but its great.

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I always thought that the iphone version was completely unrelated to the XBLA version.

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I'll go and make a separate page for the gameloft version than.

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I might be wrong though. I wouldn't take my word for it. I talk allot of bullshit sometimes (ok, all the time). I'd check other sources first.

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I prefer having the real thing and my physical friends next to me at the time to play UNO, much funnier that way.

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