unrulyruffian's UNO (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

What better way to chill out in front of your 360?

Uno is undoubtebly my game of choice when I want to sprawl out in front of my TV and not have to think too hard about what I'm playing. The rules, whilst being straight forward, allow for quite a bit of crafty gameplay and can result in some memborable hands.

Up to four players at a time can play via the Live! service and there's certainly no shortage of active games to join at almost any point during the day.

There are plans to incorporate the upcomming 360 webcam into the game so that you can see the facial expressions of the other gamers sat around the table (although I fear it may just degenerate into a mooning competition if you get beaten particularly badly).

The game itself is beautifully presented with a nice clean interface and simple, well laid out controls.

The best thing of all about Uno is the price! It's very very cheap!!

I'd reccomend Uno to just about anyone who enjoys a slightly slower paced multiplayer experience and definately to anyone who enjoys the odd card game.


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