Planescape: Torment - Morte

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So, is he considered an unreliable narrator?  He is lying to you at the start.  He does serve as an instructional narrator.  He does fill you in on where to go next (at least in the beginning).

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Oh Holy Hell how I loved this game years ago, have to figure out a way to pay it again... fire it up I guess.

Wish I could remember it as razor sharp as I do games I played a couple months ago, or a couple years ago even. That being said,  that little skull fucker though... don't know if he qualifies. Maybe they want a consistent direction provided to the player by someone with a complete underyling malicious intent, as opposed to someone (or something, etc.) who/that is pretty much on your side even with a misleading portion or two (has to qualify as a consistent narrator [no matter what the player does] and a malicious force, don't think you have either there.) Like, for an example from most recent memory... (and if you haven't played BioShock yet, stop reading) Atlas from BioShock. He has you do his bidding with his commands, go all over the place for the purpose of using you to get himself to the top - you have no choice but to do what is put out before you, take out Ryan, etc.... only to find he's actually Fontaine - the big "problem." 

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