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A Messy Disaster 1

One of the first genre’s I ever got addicted to was tower defense games, but for awhile now tower defense games have long been stale. For a long time now, the genre hasn’t seen any dramatic changes, but still provided quality games for its fans. Recently, the genre has escalated to new heights thanks to advancements in smart phone technology and the integration of app marketplace. Developed by Futuremark Games Studio, Unstoppable Gorg attempts to reinvent the genre, but costly design choices rui...

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Grounded by Brutal Difficulty 0

Time to Finish: 7 hrs.Most Retries to Complete Single Stage: ~12-20What I'd Pay: $7Steam Price (1/21/12): $9Unstoppable Gorg has an interesting twist on tower defense and style to spare, but it crashes late-game with an excrutiating difficulty curve that squeezes your resources and demands a strict strategy.Unstoppable Gorg takes a unique mechanic (your towers are satellites in rotatable orbits) and crafts a cheesy sci-fi story around it, complete with B&W full-motion videos that would fit i...

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A tough job for earth's defenders 0

I was more or less immediately sold on this game due to the amazing theme. Yes, it might be an indie game and theme a mere coating on the cake that is the gameplay but I still think this game might be worth picking up for its quirkiness factor alone, that is, if you are a fan of Ed Wood films and green men in garish Technicolour.The game is a Tower Defense game that puts you in charge of all sorts of precious revolving earthling planets and space stations in peril. All sorts of aliens are sendin...

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