Until Dawn...pass the popcorn sprinkle it with cheez

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I know I'm probably setting myself up for heart ache, but I'm looking forward to this game being reviewed. I had been thinking for the past few years with all the other horror games just "not working" that a game inspired by classic movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween, or modern teen-screamer could work. Until Dawn will draw upon all the classic campy tropes of American teen slasher movies, if I am reading the PlayStation.Blog announcement correctly, and taht just seem refreshing.

If there is anything that makes me nervous it is that this is a PS Move game. But, I think this just might be a style of game where using PS Move might be "additive" to the experience instead of subtracting from your feeling of control. They seem to want this game to be campy and that does make this seem more interesting. Campy, motion controls, and coming at the end of the PS3 cycle might just make this game special. On the other hand SuperMassive Games has yet to prove itself, their last few games have been poor and unpolished.

My hopes are not very high, but I think even as a middling game it could be fun.

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I have no real opinion of the game, but I sure could go for some cheese flavoured popcorn!

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Anyone heard anything about the status of this game?

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