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You are in the kingdom of Dureth. You are a member of the Dragon Shade, and elite squad of soldiers who draw essence from the enemies they slay.

Barbarian Camp

In the first level you have to go and stop a Barbarian uprising. At one point in the level the Barbarians are attacking a helpless villager, and you have to save her by killing them. You meet the Barbarian King, who claims that the king has gone mad, that he has been torturing his people and is fed by people's suffering. He then shows you the body of a demonized human corpse, claiming the king is responsible. Your leader says that this was not the first report of such things he has heard. You then leave to go talk to the king, sparing the Barbarian King's life.

The Palace Docks

Your leader says the people he dispatched to talk to the king have not returned, and he fears they are dead. Your leader talks of killing the kind, to save Dureth. Your leader reveals to you that you are his favorite, regardless of what character you pick. You then speak to the king who says, "The commoner's are the King's property, to do with as we see fit." Your leader then turns on the king and the king calls his soldiers. You then fight off the monsters while pulling back to your ship. Your leader, having been mortally wounded in the battle, in his last breath, asks you to avenge his death.


The game players like a typical beat-'em-up/RPG combo. You have three basic attacks; wide(square) that does less damage, direct(X) that only hits on enemy but does more damage, and throw. As you kill enemies they have a chance of dropping health orbs (that regenerate your health), mana orbs (that regenerate your mana), essence (the equivalent of money in the game), or items. All enemies award EXP.

As the player levels up they get two attribute points to put into each level, and one spell point to spend on spells. Each class (The Warrior, Scout, and Wizard) has their own unique spells. The gameplay is similar, if not identical, to games such as Baldur's Gate and Champions of Norrath.

The character has 5 equipment slots: The Head, The Mantle, The Body, The Legs, and The Shoes. These will increase one or more of the player's stats. The game also uses an enhancement system for the weapons that consists of placing gems in slots located on your weapon. There are four slots: an anything slot, a round slot, a square slot, and a diamond slot. The anything slot can fit any shape and also determines the appearance of your weapon, while the other three slots can only fit their corresponding shape and have no effect on how your weapon looks.

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