spoticus's Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PlayStation 3) review

A great game if it was for the PS2

 Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom should have been a PS2 game that came out a few years ago. There isn't anything next gen about it. Before I get into it, if you like games like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows, or Champions of Norrath, this game may be worth playing - but not @ the $60 it costs now (this was written when the game first came out). I like to set price threshholds where the game is actually worth buying.

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - $24.99 is about what its worth or rent it.

I bought the game for $60 b/c I like Baldur's Gate type games, they are fun to play with your wife, friend, etc. I was very disappointed. When you begin the game, you get into a tutorial mission. Here you learn how to play, you learn about the difficult camera angles, and height issues with your ranged combat. (when using magic, it often hits the ground just in front of the enemy).

Playing the game is fluid and easy, I was never in any real danger. It was easy to learn - you felt like the super warrior they made you out to be. The problem is that it is so repetitive - x x x, x x y "how will I kill the next person?" Bosses were very easy as well.

Graphically, it is pretty much as good as PS2. It only runs at 720p.

The game is simple, kill a bunch of spawning enemies, move on to the next mission. If you like that, good for you. On a side note, the item/weapon features of the game I found simple, but pretty cool. It's probably the most positive aspect of the game that I will remember.

I jumped around a lot with my review of the game. Bottom line is that the game is mediocre at best. If you are unsure about it, rent the game first. Under no circumstances should you pay for it before trying it.



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