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These server racks host a number of personal web sites
Uplink Corporation was formed in 2008 by Chris Delay, and as of 2010 has become the number one provider of hosting services, offsite storage, and secure gateways in the world.

Uplink Corporation has many DataCenters throughout the world, with a strong presence in urban and rural cities. The DataCenters feature redundant network topology and multiple failover power supplies, making them very reliable. UplinkCorp's DataCenters are also extremely secure, and they've never had a successful break-in at any of their DataCenters.

Uplink Agents

Uplink Agents work anonymously to perform tasks for clients in return for Credits. Agents must be diligent in covering up their tracks. If illegal activities are successfully traced to an Uplink Agent's account, Uplink Corporation will disavow knowledge of the Agent and destroy their gateway and account.

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