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Facing the Ur-Dragon
Facing the Ur-Dragon

The Ur-Dragon is a tough, optional boss in Dragon's Dogma that appears in the Everfall, located below the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren . Along with the pawn sharing aspect of Dragon's Dogma, the Ur-Dragon is an example of the game's asynchronous multiplayer aspect. The dragon's health will be persistent across everyone's game so that players from all over the world will have to combine their power to defeat it. Damage dealt by any one player's party will be added to the damage dealt by players all over the world until the dragon is defeated. The dragon will be too tough for any one player to defeat alone, but all players that attempt the feat will be rewarded with both common and rare items. The Ur-Dragon will be much tougher than any of the other bosses in the game and will require multiple attempts from players and a focused effort to defeat. Once slain, the Ur-Dragon will respawn based on a schedule and players can take another shot at claiming the glory and items that come with defeating the beast.


The Ur-Dragon Hall of Fame
The Ur-Dragon Hall of Fame

As mentioned before, any player that attacks the Ur-Dragon will have a chance to receive an item similar to those that fall off of bigger monsters in the game world. The exact items are unknown for now, but an example is a Putrid Dragon Scale so it is safe to assume that at least some items will be crafting materials. Additionally, the person who finishes the dragon off by delivering the fatal blow will receive an extra rare item and have his name placed on a list with other past champions.

Offline Alternative

Players with no online connection or those who simply choose to not participate in the online aspect of the challenge will instead have the option of facing an offline version of the Ur-Dragon. This offline version will be much weaker than the online one to make it possible, but still tough, for one player to take down by themselves. The reward, however, will be different than the one gotten for defeating the online version.

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