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Urban Champion is an NES game released in 1986. Developed and published by Nintendo, it is an early entry in the one-on-one fighting game genre. The game has since been re-released in various forms on platforms including the Game Boy Advance and 3DS, with the 3DS receiving a special remake as part of Nintendo's downloadable 3D Classics series developed by Arika. Elements of Urban Champion are also used in the Nintendo minigame challenge collection NES Remix.


Basic Fighting

Gettin' rowdy at the SNACK BAR.

Urban Champion is a one-on-one fighting game on a 2D plane. It can be played in a single-player mode against the computer, or two-players can face off against each other.

The two fighters each have the ability to throw high and low punches, with light and heavy variants. Heavy punches are more powerful than light punches, but also take longer to deliver. Each player also has a stamina meter, which depletes as the player fights. If a character completely runs out of stamina, then they will become exhausted and unable to fight back for a short period of time.


Each punch that connects sends the struck fighter backwards. If a fighter is knocked off the edge of the sidewalk, he will tumble to the next sidewalk. If a fighter is knocked to a third sidewalk, the next loss will send him tumbling down a manhole and lose the match.

Environmental Hazards

Local residents will occasionally lean out of the buildings the characters are fighting in front of to pelt them with flower pots. If a fighter is struck by a falling pot, he will be left tempoarily dazed and lose a portion of his stamina. Periodically, a police car will cruise by, causing the fighters to retreat to opposite ends of the sidewalk to avoid suspicion. If time runs out, the player closest to the edge of the pavement will be arrested, giving his opponent an automatic victory.

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