If your Vita owner, get this (Urban Chaos)

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Great game even today, it works great on Win7, but now that its coming to Vita too, you should absolutely give it a try, music, athmosphere, all A+.

Very cool & original classic. Climbing buildings, driving, arresting people, hand to hand, shooting & engaging story in a small sandbox, it had it all in 1999.

Here's hoping for a HD version.

Go get it!

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Here's some cool stuff for anyone intrested in this game.

You can now get it at a very cheap price on GoG.com: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/urban_chaos

Play it on widescreen resolution: http://www.gog.com/en/forum/urban_chaos/widescreen_resolutions

Here is some fun cheats for the game to play around with. Press [F9] to display the console window. Type bangunsnotgames to enable cheat mode and invincibility, then resume gameplay. Press one of the following keys during gameplay to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Shift + O spawns a helicopter. You can't control it, it's just decorative. Spawning more than two or three helicopters crashes the game.

Shift + A spawns a Wild Cat nearby who will try to attack you.

Shift + I spawns Gordansky. She will follow you and automatically attack any foes nearby. If you spawn multiple instances of her, they will start getting in each other's way, causing friendly damage and fighting for real.

F12 spawns Weapons.

E spawns Cars.

Press G to move forward 10 feet or onto ledge.

Press L to Create Light.

Type darci to play as Officer D'arci.

Type roper to play as Roper.

F5, F6, F7 & F8 changes camera angles.

Have fun :D

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Never played this. I love the sequel Riot Response. Probably the 2nd best PS2 FPS after Black.

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They have the same name, but thats all they really have in common. Anyways, Riot Response was a fun game too, i have to play that one again also.

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Is this purchasable for PS3 as well?

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Oh crap! I remember playing this!

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i used to love this game on the PC back in the day, played this on my matrox G400 and it ran like a champ, remember it being kinda fiddly with the shooting controls though

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