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When Ushio was young, he was on a ship and was caught in a storm. The ship was destroyed and Ushio was washed ashore somewhere in Artolia. Unable to return to Yamato, Ushio was adopted by Sir Cennair and raised like a son.

During one fateful day, Sir Cennair was assassinated, and Lieselotte and Rosea, who are suspected of his murder were banished from the court. Ushio then goes on a quest for revenge and tries to find them.

Wylfred first discovers Ushio in Market Marteigh killing monsters that were attacking the town. Ushio can feel Wylfred's desire for revenge, and decides to follow him. Later, they meet Rosea who was on her way to deliver a letter to Prince Kristoff from Margrave Roienbourg. Ushio recognizes Rosea as one of the suspects in Sir Cennair's murder and demands the truth. Rosea tries to explain her innocence and preaches him to put away his desire for revenge.

Later, Wylfred and Ushio comes across Lieselotte who wants to destroy the letter that Rosea has. Ushio recognizes Lieselotte as the second suspect and became angry again. Wylfred and Ushio then helps Rosea to fight against Lieselotte and her summoned monsters. Lieselotte sets Rosea on fire thus burning the letter, and in a fit of rage, Rosea pulls out a knife and stabs Lieselotte to death. With her dying breath, Rosea begs Ushio to forget revenge and live a fulfilling life.

After witnessing the act, Ushio felt guilty about seeking revenge, and he decides abandon his desire for revenge. He also decides to follow Wylfred on his journey.

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