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 Isaac getting ready to head on to the Valor
 Isaac getting ready to head on to the Valor
In Dead Space, Kendra Daniels and Isaac Clarke send a distress signal from the USG Ishimura. The USM Valor, a ship that luckily was in the area, picks up the signal. The comm operator on the Valor responds with a recorded message that repeats every 30 seconds. In the message, he says that they the crew has picked up the signal and that they've also picked up one of the Ishimura's escape pods. However, the only escape pod launched from the Ishimura was the one containing a Necromorph that Zach Hammond trapped and sent out. Kendra unsuccessfully tries to warn the crew of the Valor not to open the pod, but she is too late. Isaac and Kendra watch in horror as the Valor, now completely taken over by Necromorphs, slams violently into the Ishimura, nearly killing Isaac in the process.

Isaac and Hammond head on board the wreckage of the Valor to retrieve a singularity core needed to fix a shuttle. While there, Hammond discovers that the ship is carrying an unusually large arsenal of weapons, including nuclear missiles. It is revealed that the Valor was sent to destroy the Ishimura, since they knew that retrieving the Marker would cause an infestation on the ship.

Before the infestation of Necromorphs, the Valor was mostly populated by Marines. These Marines had stasis modules built into their RIGs. This caused an unusual effect when they were transformed into Necromorphs; the stasis modules reversed, causing them to move and twitch and lightning speed.

The USM Valor is the location of Zach Hammond's death. He is killed by a Brute.

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