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One day Uuno Turhapuro comes home to find a note on his fridge from his wife. It says that she left him and he will be hearing from her lawyer. As the only logical choice, Uuno moves to the country side and attempts to live a happy life filled with plowing, water skiing and running around.


The intro screen

The game consists of three stages. In the first, Uuno has tied a plow to a car with a rope, and he runs behind the plow, guiding its path. He must avoid oncoming obstacles. In the second level, Uuno water skiis with his bare feet in a lake, dodging more obstacles. In the third level Uuno is just running in the woods, avoiding oncoming trees and people. The further you get in the game, the more Finnish marks you get. As the game features no coins or collectables, the only way to get these points is by running forward, making the high score the same every time you pass a level. The hitboxes in all obstacles are extremely large, making it very difficult to effectively dodge anything.


The game was developed by Finnish developer Purebyte and published by Emersoft, based on the Finnish film of the same name directed by Ere Kokkonen. Both the film and game were released in 1986. It is officially noted as the first Finnish movie licensed game of all time.

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