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Valens, son of the great gladiator Munio of Imperia, is one of two possible main protagonists in Gladius. When his father is murdered in a cruel ambush, he takes over his father's gladiator school and attempts to rebuild it with the aid of his best friend Ludo. They are also aided by Usus, who was a friend of his father's and acts as a mentor to the school.
Wearing his father's broken amulet, Valens is soon plagued by dreams of destiny, a destiny that becomes ever clearer after travelling to Nordagh and meeting Ursula. He is immediately attracted to her, and they soon fall in love, but it is slowly revealed that they both have a destiny to fulfil. The Channelers of Imperia seek Valens out and speak to him of what is to come, and towards the end of the game, they charge him to complete an initiation rite, which allows him to don his father's exquisite armor and act as the champion of the gods.
 Valens is a Medium-classed fighter, labelled Hero. Unlike Ursula, Valens never develops a particular affinity for Light, but he does share her ability to Empower Self by calling upon the gods. His heritage from Munio lets him boost his defenses when he is wounded, and he can perform special area attacks and shield attacks. He can use most of the same equipment as Legionnaires, and he shares some of his innate abilities with Legionnaires and Centurions.

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