Don't forget about your extra codes VC fans!

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Hey Valkyria Chronicles 1&2 fans, just a friendly reminder to not forget about the codes the folks at SEGA are releasing for free extra content. Well, technically its already in the game, just needs to be unlocked. Nevertheless! More content! 

Here are the codes they have released thus far:  

To unlock the members Squad 7 that made up the Edy detachment, input the code: CR6BG1A9LYQKB6WJ 


To unlock the SEGA tank sticker, input the code: VWUYNJQ8HGSVXR7J 


To unlock the blitz tank sticker, input the code: 6RK45S59F7U2JLTD 


To unlock Isara Gunther and her Isara's dream tank sticker, input the code: 37LRK5D214VQVFYH 


To unlock the Gallian Military Sticker, input the code: TXU14EUV74PCR3TE 


To unlock Faldio, input the code: GWNU95RSETW1VGNQ  


To unlock the Sonic sticker, input the code: CUP34ASEZ9WDKBYV 


To unlock Selvaria Bles and her Witch Profile sticker, input the code: 53K8FKGP1GHQ4SBN 


To unlock the Super Monkey Ball sticker, input the code: 7JMNHZ83TGH7XFKT 


To unlock the Crazy Taxi sticker, input the code: 38WV17PK45TYAF8V 


To unlock the Yakuza sticker, input the code: QAKVXZTALF4TU7SK 


To unlock the Vanquish sticker, input the code: BUNLT4EXDS74QRCR  


To unlock the Skies of Arcadia sticker, input the code: WVZLPTYXURS1Q8TV 


To unlock the Edy Nelson sticker, input the code: R5PT1MXEY3BW8VBE 


To unlock the Alicia Gunther sticker, input the code: K1C7XKLJMXUHRD8S 


To unlock Prince Maximilian and his Imperial flag sticker, input the code: H73G4L9GLJR1CHJP 


To unlock the Phantasy Star Zero Rappy Sticker, input the code: HPF2B7ASMWV5798U


To unlock the Rodin Sticker, input the code:  YLBWA9UFTHQ3ZM1E


To unlock the Alternative G Cadets , input the code:  NL45TX9F8VRSUKGR


To unlock the Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik sticker , input the code: GVFX8GA73FDWHQUS 


To unlock the After Burner Climax sticker, input the code: C9SAGP8M7PJ84H5S 


To unlock the Resonance of Fate sticker, input the code: UJH5YB4Z7E33VCJT 


To unlock Nei (Phantasy Star II sticker), input the code: 9H1FHVBV2YAZE3A1 


To unlock Emelia (from Phantasy Star Portable 2) and two new missions and a Little WIng sticker, input the code: FSHL2DTP1EVB52AN 

Just a reminder that you need to enter these codes at the "Extras" section of the main menu. 
I will update this post as they continue to release more codes. Or you can just check on a daily basis to find the codes yourself.
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Oh! Another reminder. 
If you bought Phantasy Star Portable 2, you can link your VC2 game with that data and unlock Emilia as well as some other goodies.

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sweet dude thanks for the update i was wandering when some one was gona put some of these up
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Good lookin' out. Does anyone know if the japanese code for Selvaria works on the US version?

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@Mesoian: No need to fret because they just released the US Selvaria code! 
Enjoy your gorgeous Valkyrur.  
As well as a Sonic sticker(?). 
Codes updated in main post.
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Thanks for keeping me updated on the codes. Got this game in last week, and will start playing this weekend.

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@ryoma122: @Mesoian: @reddin: My pleasure :D 
I find it a little weird they made Isara an armor tech of all things. Seems a little bit out of place, lol. Hopefully you all have got some of your old favorites from VC1 returned to you! I'm still waiting on Freesia York and Vyse :[ 
Vyse is pretty much a guarantee, but there is little to no support for Freesia, which makes me sad.
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what are these cheats  for

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@gt_man: They aren't cheats, really. They are codes to unlock characters in the game. A lot fans of Valkyria Chronicles were a little bummed some of their favorite soldiers from Squad 7 weren't in the new game. Sega has obliged and created content that will serve as fan-service to fans of the original. They reward our efforts in keeping up with their blog with our favorite characters from the previous game.  
The unlockable characters are just like how they were in the first game. Same stats, same potentials, and same friends. 

The tank stickers are just an item that adds a very small stat advantages/disadvantages. They also serve as cosmetic items to your tank to feel a little bit more personal.
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Ohhhh okay
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I added 3 more codes to the list. SEGA says they will add more codes next week that will unlock yet more stickers and more characters!  
Also a Skies of Arcadia sticker, that will be an exclusive western release, will come out next week! 
Heres hoping for Freesia and Vyse! My fingers are still crossed.

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Two new stickers have been added. Vanquish and Skies of Arcadia. 
I'll be sure to go through each code and list what stats the stickers actually have. So you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to burden yourself with entering in the codes.

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This isn't related to codes specifically, but here's some additional unlocks if you were curious where all the hidden extras come from.   Credits to the impressively devoted Valkyria Chronicles megathread over on Penny Arcade:
 Isara - Link VC1 Save Data
Emilia - Link Phantasy Star Portable Save Data
Sigrid - Complete Reiner's classmate mission
Nahum - Have 100,000 DCT
Jugin - Complete the game
Brixham - Complete the game
Heinz Gilden - Get 5 Medals
Juliana Everhart - Get 20 Medals
Leon Hardins - Get all Medals
Inghild - Clear 10 Classmate Missions
Aisha - Clear 20 Classmate Missions
Oscar - Clear mission 120, not 100% sure what that means, possibly clear 120 missions since I don't think they're numbered.
Karl - Have 10 units withdraw or become injured
Elenor Varrot - Get Scout level 50
Rosie - Get Shocktrooper level 50
Largo - Get Lancer level 50
Emil - Get Engineer level 50
Zaka - Get Armor Tech level 50
Alicia - 10 Medals
Welkin - Learn all Orders, and then finish the Order Master paid mission that becomes available

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The lack of Freesia on that list makes me sad. 
Original post updated with the Edy sticker code and Alicia's sticker code.  
SEGA says they will be releasing a new character tomorrow!    

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New character code! And its for Prince Maximilian.  
Original post updated. Enjoy!

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@ESREVER: Enjoy? I try to stay away from inputting large chunks of text on my PSP as much as possible!! 
#17 Posted by ESREVER (2811 posts) -

Heh, the input text feature is such a pain in the ass. Especially when it doesn't let you change the input method. Forced to cycle through numbers and lower case letters. God Forbid the code has a "1" in it! Then you have to cycle through all those other ASCII characters.

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Updated with 4 new codes. 3 are for stickers, I don't know what the Cadet G is all about. Apparently theres only going to be 5 more codes, and they will be given away tomorrow on the PSBlog. So I'll be sure to monitor that and paste the codes here accordingly. 
Also, I think they are releasing the first major DLC pack tomorrow. 
Please give me Freesia, I've been a good boy :[

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Awesome Rodin sticker :D
And the G Cadets appear to be alternate outfits.
I wonder what the last codes are going to be, and if the DLC will be worth buying eventually..

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I believe the DLC is going to be what the people who pre-ordered from GameStop got. 
They got some bonus missions I believe.

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They released 4 new codes just now. 
I guess thats all the codes for awhile. =/ 
And I'm still Freesia-less... Excuse me while I go cry in this here corner.
The $5 DLC appears to be 22 extra missions... that's a lot of missions.

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