Valkyria Chronicles 2!

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it actually did sell well just not all at once
it was a slow burn

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there is an article brad wrote on here about it

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Yeah that's after it was slashed to half price, so these sales would be 250k worth instead of the actual 500k. I guess that's much, much better than I thought, but still, it shows why the sequel's a PSP title. Then again, we may see a PS3 sequel too at some point as it shouldn't cost as much to make, they would be reusing the engine and many of the assets. It will hopefully do very well on the PSP, to show interest in the IP.

Anyway, it looks lovely.

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I'm excited. If this comes state side (which I'm sure it will) I will pre order it. I love Valkyria Chronicles.

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So. Let me figure this out.

The original, despite being an excellent game (I am playing it right now and am loving it) didn't sell well, on a console in which people buy games at a respectable level.

So they put the sequel on the PSP, where only the elite franchises can sell copies, and the rest get pirated. I still don't get it.....

This game is being published by SEGA.

NOW it makes sense!

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I'm sold.  The first one is my favorite PS3 game currently.  I can't wait to try this out if it comes out in the states.

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I'm hyped.

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2 gameplay vids, added to the op too.

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Cool. I just got it (the first one that is) two days ago but I love it so far.

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Sega are releasing a demo on the Japanese Playstation Store on November 2nd  - Monday  

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New Videos 

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@Linkyshinks: Why thank you. I've neglected this recently with all my work but so far it looks good.
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The demo really left me hyped for it. The graphics are nice, but the downgrade is really noticeable (Im not crazy, I was not expecting nothing close to the PS3 at all). But the Canvas engine does a great work despite of the hardware. The combat system is exactly the same, though the lack of a second stick has moved some commands, so at first you may find yourself confused. Character classes are the same, and work in the same fashion, have the boosts also for different situations. You can cover and everything

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Oh duder, nice news, I got HYPEd

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Those are nice graphics.

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Oh wait. 

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Looking forward to it

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I hope the gameplay translates as nicely as those graphics.

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I wish the game also came out in the US.
@Damian: I have no doubts that the gameplay will translate that well. Valkyria was a simple game (I mean simple concept) but very intuitive. It is one of my favorite games for that reason. Unless the whole development team was switched out for farm animals, I doubt they could really screw up the gameplay. Story is another issue...

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@essaregee: I hear you. And I have faith in the team. I'm mostly concerned about the lack of camera control forcing them to make the game even easier. But you're right, VC was a very streamlined game to begin with. So there shouldn't be m/any sacrifices to gameplay.
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Looks cool. Currently playing the hard for me to find original, which I had to purchase off ebay. Why I slept on that gem, I'll never know. That aside, this game looks great, and reminds how great it is to own a PSP.

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Its out this week, anyone gonna play?

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@demonbear: Fuck yea I'm going to play it! 
The original was just too brilliant to not give this one a chance.  
Well, I'll play it whenever they decide to update the damn playstation store. 
*sits at pc in anticipation*
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@ESREVER said:
" @demonbear: Fuck yea I'm going to play it! The original was just too brilliant to not give this one a chance.   Well, I'll play it whenever they decide to update the damn playstation store. *sits at pc in anticipation* "
I'm with you on that one its my most anticipated game for September along with NHL11. Its gonna be awesome!!
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Well I've dumped 50 hours into the game so far... my expectations have been greatly exceeded.  The translation to psp was done beautifully and the game feels much deeper than the original.  I especially like that they broke up missions into a series of smaller maps, so much of the previous game's later levels just felt like 20 minutes of travel for 5 seconds of combat... though that's really only a minor complaint.

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