Valkyria Chronicles 3 announced, revealed, dated

#1 Posted by Mesoian (1618 posts) -
So...PSP, january 27th. 
I mean, it's's FINE. I'm fine with it. They have my money, I will definitely buy this. VC2 is incredible, more VC is always a good thing. 
I really wanted this to be on the PS3.

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I still need to finish the first one. 
I'm waiting for a day the Internet is down :-)

#3 Posted by Fallen189 (5324 posts) -

PSP :/

#4 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -

Seems a little soon. But whatever! Like you said, more VC is always a good thing. Clearly, they proved that Valkyria Chronicles can work just fine on the PSP. Would have liked it to be on PS3 as well, but, oh well. I think I read they were returning to the stylistic visuals the first had, rather than the more anime like visuals the second sports.

#5 Posted by RobotHamster (4236 posts) -

They said that they'll make a ps3 sequel once they've come up with incredible new ideas that justifies making a huge console version. Which to me is fine because it means that their not just rushing out a game but really trying to make something incredible, so when it'll be out when their ready.  In the meantime we get some really good psp games.

#6 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

Sega as a publisher is kinda shitty but I like that they're funding this and Yakuza for whatever goofy reason even if they fumble on the english version every time.

#7 Posted by FLStyle (5587 posts) -
@Mesoian:@Fallen189: Valkyria Chronicles is more popular in Japan and in Japan the PSP is still outselling the PS3. That's just how it is.
#8 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

One year turn around on a new game seems very short, even for a PSP game, hope it's as good as VC2 has been.

#9 Posted by Fallen189 (5324 posts) -
@FLStyle said:
" @Mesoian:@Fallen189: Valkyria Chronicles is more popular in Japan and in Japan the PSP is still outselling the PS3. That's just how it is. "
But just like, letting the PSP play through the PS3 would be nice, but I'd have to go and buy a new slim. Modern Sega is a pain
#10 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7788 posts) -
@Mesoian said:


@Mesoian said:
" So...PSP

#11 Posted by trophyhunter (6039 posts) -

VC2 is the best game on the PSP and a fantastic game without qualifiers.
Get over it the PSP is actually good.
I'm fucking pump for VC3 most likely being a bit darker because it's about a squad of criminals.

#12 Posted by WaterLord0 (49 posts) -

Glad to hear they are making another one I was worried that they weren't going to be able to make anymore games in this series.

#13 Edited by onarum (2529 posts) -

I don't get why they will insist on releasing it for a dead platform... I really wished it was for the ps3... I guess ps3 development got too expensive for them.

#14 Posted by Mesoian (1618 posts) -
@FLStyle:  I know. I KNOW! It's FINE. 
It's fine...
but still...
#15 Posted by trophyhunter (6039 posts) -
@Mesoian said:
" @FLStyle:  I know. I KNOW! It's FINE.   It's fine...  but still... "
Just be thankful there is a VC3 at all
#16 Posted by Spiral_Stars (481 posts) -

Man fuck the PSP.

#17 Posted by Nasar7 (2965 posts) -

VC just isn't a game I want to play on the go. Screw the Japanese market.

#18 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -

Really looking forward to learning more about these "Nameless" characters. A darker entry into the franchise seems like it would be pretty neat. 
I just really hope the characters are better than VC2. I'm really having a hard time adjusting to them, but the game is still awesome.

#19 Posted by Addfwyn (1982 posts) -
@Nasar7: Hey, I live in Japan, I care about the Japanese market :P. 
That said, nothing says you have to use your portable system on the go.  You can sit on your couch and play your PSP just fine if you so want.
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#21 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -
@Vorbis: That looks awesome :D I can't wait. 
Really digging the new uniforms "The Nameless" are sporting. Seems like already they have a better cast of characters that VC2. 
Follow feature seems really handy as well. But that dude wasted so much AP trying to get it to work. 
Also, did that chick have red hair on top, and white hair on bottom? Or are my eyes just messing with me.
#22 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -
@ESREVER said:

" Also, did that chick have red hair on top, and white hair on bottom? Or are my eyes just messing with me. "

Yeah she did. I guess that's to show she's a Valkyrur.
And I have to agree, with VC1 + VC2 I only used the main characters because I had to (CP bonus/story), I've never really liked the main characters, Alicia/Aliasse perhaps being the only two, mostly because they're Valkyrurs. I usually go for the side characters even if I miss out on CP. But so far the main cast of VC3 seems interesting and I might actually use them all the time, especially with the abilitity to turn into a Valkyrur and change a sword into a Lancer.
I just hope they don't make all of the Nameless total cliché badasses, I'd still like some variety.

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