Valkyria Chronicles II EU PSN price drop.

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Unsure when this happened (maybe with the new store? Or maybe it's a sale and the new store isn't very good at communicating it?) but the game is now £9.99, rather than the usual £27.99.

Wanted to try this out after getting a Vita months ago, as the original is one of my favorite games, but didn't want to gamble on being disappointed for that much money.

While being a little late to the party, I'm happy to report the game is great. The characters are a little less endearing (I'm about 10 hours in) and it loses some of it's grandiose nature in the move to a hand held, but all the combat hooks have survived relatively intact, and the new customization options make for some interesting squad combinations.

Now if I can just convince enough people to buy it, maybe Sega will localize the 3rd game...

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Cheers for the tip, I've just bought it. I would guess there will be festive sale and they have changed the price early.

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Did buy it the last time it was on sale for when i buy my vita next year when persona 4 golden is realesed in europe.

Valkyria Chronicles is one of my favorite games ever.

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gameplay is rad and better/more complex in some regards compared to the original.

characters are borderline intolerable anime cliches.

still totally worth it for that price i've put a ton of time into that game.

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@casper_ said:

characters are borderline intolerable anime cliches.

I was kinda hoping they'd get better, but I suppose not.

I've been cheating and using members of the Edy detachment from the first game for the bulk of my missions so far anyway, so I'm slightly more compelled to not see them killed.

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@mwng said:

Now if I can just convince enough people to buy it, maybe Sega to localize the 3rd game...

Sure, as soon as they put it up on the NA PSN on the Vita (don't have a PS3 to transfer).

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