Worth buying a PSP for? (As a HUGE fan of VC1)

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So here's the thing.....
I sold my PSP early 2009, I needed the money pretty badly at the time and hadn't touched my PSP in about 6 months, so sold it. The first Valkyria Chronicles is my favourite game of this generation and one of my favourite games of all time - I absolutely fell in love with it and everything about it. When VC2 was released I was pissed off but was hoping it would do well enough to bring it back to the PS3 (or perhaps thought it was just a one off PSP title). Now with the release of VC3 on the PSP, looks like it's here for good.
I was wondering from you guys, how good is this game to people who loved the first? Is it worth the price of PSP admission?

#2 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

Yeah it's worth it. I suggest looking for a used one though. Either craigslist or Gamestop. 

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The game improves in many ways on the first .  Scouts aren't superpowered wrecking crews anymore, you actually have to use other classes.  While it still grades you on speed alone you can replay most missions easily to get more XP where sometimes in VC1 you have to either reload an old save or grind free battles of way too low level to get you enough experience.  The presentation isn't as nice and the story isn't as impactful but the gameplay is basically the same.

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yes its worth it.

#5 Posted by RobotHamster (4237 posts) -

Yea I think so.

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