Valkyrie Profile DS trailer!

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I'm kinda interested in this. I didn't enjoy the first one, but I'm sure I would've loved it without the time limit and the super attacks(nothing wrong with the attacks themselves, but even the shiniest über-explosion gets old when you use it AT LEAST once every battle). Does anyone know in these things are in this game as well?
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hmm for some reason the video wouldn't let me watch it, so i just went on youtube real fast to see it. it looks really great, i'll be getting this game along with suikoden tierkreis when they both come out on the same date.

i've only got the second valkyrie profile.

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I own Valkyrie Profile for PSX and VP2 for PS2,, so I can say I enjoy the franchise. The game looks good, graphic-wise, but I'm still out on the plot aspect. 

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Video doesnt work

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I dunno why it doesn't work for you guys. Here is a youtube link.

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