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Technically sound and well-written, but tough as nails. 2

Covenant of the Plume is deceptively slick for a strategy RPG.  It drew me in with its sweet, sweet nectar, got me in a dark alley, and then beat the holy hell out of me with its sudden spike in its difficulty.GRAPHICS AND SOUND-Square Enix pulls off one of the coolest introduction videos on the DS to date with Covenant.  I don't normally point out cinematics, but sometimes when a good one happens on the DS, it really makes me realize how cool handhelds have become.The rest of the game features ...

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Heavy as a Feather 0

 It should be noted I made three separate attempts to get into Covenant of the Plume. It wasn't the game's difficulty that deterred me. Heck, I've played countless playthroughs and new-game pluses of Demon's Souls, and I'm still getting my money's worth out of that game. No, it was, once again, tri-Ace's inability to aptly convey the mechanics of Covenant's gameplay that made me shy away. With the current transition from DS to 3DS, however, a drought has forced my hand. I gave it another ...

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A Covenant For The Fans 0

A charismatic and sometimes difficult game in the Valkyrie Profile series, for the hardcore and fan.   Storyline: I liked it. It is somewhat simple, but with a dark tone that you don't see in many games. I also liked the many paths you can go with the story, which kinda forces you to play through the game three times (though the last two plays are very quickly because you keep your equipment and items from previous game). It is interesting seeing the events through different perspectives a...

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The Action Outshines the Story 0

There are very few games that I've had to put down because the loss of a character bummed me out so much. This game had that effect on me, but in a far more personal way. Might sound like I'm exaggerating, but I actually led those characters to their deaths. Yup. I sacrificed them, and not even for the greater good. This is something you'll do more than a couple of times in VP.It is the third game in the Valkyrie Profile series. It differs from the other games in the series in that it is more of...

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