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Vallon Zek 
Vallon Zek is known as the Governor of War and the god of tactics.  He was once a mortal orc, but following the events of the Elder Age, which saw the Rallosian Empire invading the Plane of Earth, Vallon, and his twin brother Tallon, were summoned to the Plane of War to reside with their "father," Rallos Zek.  Here, the two brothers battle each other by commanding legions of ogres known as the Diaku.  During the Age of Turmoil, mortals invaded the Planes of Power seeking Zebuxoruk.  On their way, they assaulted Rallos Zek's stronghold, Drunder, within the Plane of War.  It was there that Vallon and Tallon defended the Warlord.  Tallon spends his eternity within the Plane of War devising new tactics to use against his brother including resource management, coordination, and strategy.  The soldiers under his command  are undoubtedly the strongest and most disciplined minions found throughout the cosmos.


Vallon Zek has retained his orc-like features after ascending to god-hood.  In most lore, he is depicted as a grizzled war veteran with white facial hair and mohawk, wearing a leather tunic over ringmail, and wielding a scimitar.  During the Age of Turmoil and the invasion of Planes of Power, Vallon Zek manifested himself very similarly to the descriptions in lore.  Although his hair was not white, he still wielded a massive scimitar he used to sweep away hordes of mortal invaders of the fortress of Zek.

Vallon Zek is one of many gods who have yet to return to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.    

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