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As the first son of House Haughn, he was given extensive education about the art of war since young.

Wylfred first discovers Valmur and the rest of House Haughn lamenting the passing of Nicolas who was then taken by Lenneth as an Einharjer. Auguste, Reinhilde, and Valmur deeply grieves the loss of Nicolas, and decides to not be involved in the war between Prince Kristoff and Prince Langrey.

On the other hand, Phiona was upset about Valmur's decision and insists that House Haughn must take sides in the war to survive it; reasoning that House Haughn being a family of substantial reputation, will come under attack by both sides if they do not support either.

Depending on the path that Wylfred takes, either Auguste and Reinhilde will die, or Phiona will die and Valmur losses his mind.

In the latter, Auguste and Reinhilde will join Wylfred. In the former, Auguste and Reinhilde will be taken by Lenneth as Einharjers and Phiona and Valmur joins Wylfred.

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