Is Valtiel anyone else's favorite character in Silent Hill?

#1 Posted by SynAzrael (44 posts) -

I just love him.  Embodies everything that is awesome about the series.


#2 Posted by Gump (626 posts) -

Every character in the Silent Hill series is awesome, but Valtiel and the Nurse are my favorites characters/abominations!, however, we must wait for Silent Hill: Homecoming.

I am still working on the best Survival Horror series.

#3 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -
SynAzrael said:
"I just love him.  Embodies everything that is awesome about the series.

Agreed :) he is jjust such a central character for the lore of the series, is disturbing as fuck to look at - and on top of it all, manages to keep in the background for the majoprity of the game and not be IN YOUR FACE!.
i spent like, 6 hours making his page on here - sheerly to make sure that everyone who came into contact with him on this site would understand just how pure AWESOME he is :)

Mr gump is also a heavy fan though :D
#4 Posted by SynAzrael (44 posts) -

Yeah man.  I love the page.  I was going to make one but then realized it was already done, and thoroughly too.

Glad to know I'm not the only psychotic silent hill fan on here ^_^

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