Confirmed: Valve to show PC hardware this week at CES

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This will be interesting to see. I wonder what the graphics output of the proposed hardware will be and how will gamers, developers and publishers respond to it?

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Awesome! Something for me to look forward to at CES this year! Usually it just seems like phone/tv stuff with the occasional surprise, but I'm legitimately excited this time. Hope we see some cool stuff.

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Wow. I remember when the rumors first started about the Steam Box console... those were the days.

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This is a smart move for Valve (if it's actually what we hope it is). With Microsoft and Sony likely to be making their new consoles less and less about playing games, devices like these could prove very disruptive. I'd buy a well-made, upgradable Steambox in a second.

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Will this render the PC master race term redundant?

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@me3639: I think it's more accurate to say that other companies will be showing PC hardware backed by Valve this week at CES. In other words, it sounds like Valve is supporting various hardware which can host Steam. So, while Valve may promote some of the hardware, they're not Valve hardware. Some hardware will just have a Valve seal of approval(and apparently some of their investment dollars, as well). This is about getting Steam on many devices that can bring PC games to your TV.

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A box with Linix and steam installed. Woot

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This is not the direction I wanted Valve to take... Failbox.

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@drewmaw: lol I'm sure they care so much about that opinion of yours.

#12 Posted by august (3922 posts) -

@drewmaw said:

This is not the direction I wanted Valve to take... Failbox.



#13 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5008 posts) -

@drewmaw said:

This is not the direction I wanted Valve to take... Failbox.

It's not like they are ditching everything else that they are doing right now.

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ITT: people who don't read the article

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@L44 said:

Will this render the PC master race term redundant?

When we're all playing our games off the perfect cloud, people will say theirs is better because the're running their own cloud, and the PC Master Race will live on.

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Kind of what I figured. A third party making the hardware and doing most of the investment; Valve chipping in and offering their brand name. Sounds like a baby step in the overall walk to being a presence in the living room.

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