What Indie/Mod-Developer is your Dream Team-up for Valve?

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Valve is known to pick-up successful Indie/Mod-developers, and brings such games to the next level. Counterstrike, Portal, DOTA - to name a few. What indie/mod-developer and project would be your dream team-up? What game would you like to get the Valve push-for-excellence?

My answer? Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.

He's got like 4 million bucks from crowdfunding, which is slated for creating a solo-campaign. The plan however is, for the solo-campaign to lead into a MMO'ish Privateer experience, which sounds absolutely amazing. If only Valve and Roberts came together somehow - all our Star Citizen dreams might come true. Hell - Valve was supposedly working on a similar project themselves.

A match made in heaven! And here's the trailer pitch for the game...

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The guys that made Black Mesa Source. Or the guys that made Q.U.B.E. The games they would make...

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