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A Very Disappointg Game, Good Ideas Executed Poorly.

Vampire Rain could have been one of the most promising games to date on the next gen system. But it turned out to be a flop. Graphically I think its rubbish, cinematics look good but thats only because it is pre-rendered and not using the games engine. Vampires do not seem real as no-one in the right mind runs like that. Sound-wise yeah I think its accurate the guns sound realistic i suppose. Voice acting is okay but could be better. I have no other comments on sound as I stopped playing after the first mission.

Story.... **** A city taken over by vampires... GET REAL! Someone should have noticed you don't exactly go "Oh we lost contact with Los Angeles... oh well!" The citizens should have known to! "Oh I can't phone my friend next door and she hasn't been at school and mommy hasn't come back from the shop in days... oh well!" Vampires cannot run an entire city with absolutley no-one noticing except the special forces. The only thing that really saves vampire rain, is that it is a proper stealth game as you die in 2 slashes. And it is nice to see a realistic health system as you can't take more than 2 shots or even 1 in real life.

This game is only for people who love stealth games to bits and neglect anything else except the stealth.

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