Hyper-blurry HUD, plus I can't level up. Help?

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So, after hearing about this game from several people, I bought it on Steam to try it out. I knew about how buggy it was, so I installed the latest version of the unofficial patch (plus version). After some tweaking (it won't run unless I activate Steam in admin mode), the game is playable... to an extent. The HUD and certain textures are some of the lowest-rez things I've ever seen, but I can get past that. The main problem is that I can't seem to allocate my experience points. I haven't heard of anybody else having this problem. Can you guys help?

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I played through the steam version without the unofficial patch, never had any problems or bugs that I can remember, try without it.

A low res HUD could be caused by having some settings set to performance/lowest in your GPU control center.

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Some people at the steam forum suggest that the True Patch Gold fixes the blurry problem. Try that I guess, as for not being able to spend your XP points, I'd try reinstalling the game. Also, is the auto-spending on? You need 3 XP to buy level 1 and 2 skills, 6 for level 3 etc.

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did you install the community patch?

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When you're levelling up you need to select the circle of the skill you want, then press accept. Are you doing that?

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I've already downloaded the 8.1 unofficial patch, and this is my second install of this game. I'm trying the True patch now. I'll let you know how it works.

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Well, I installed the True Patch, and now there aren't any textures anywhere, just pink checkerboards. And yes, I previously had selected the compatibility options that are supposed to fix that. I'm going to uninstall the whole thing again, delete all my local files, and sit on it for a while.

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About those experience points, you don't actually assign them. You collect them and when you've got enough, you get skill points to assign. That confused me the first time I played.

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theres a texture mod out there, i used that.

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