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Vanilla Ice is Dio's most powerful and loyal servant. He remained by Dio's side as he recovered. Ice's loyalty was epitomized by his willing sacrifice to Dio by cutting his own head off to provide blood for him to feast on. Dio was impressed by his devotion and instead gave Ice a portion of his own blood to turn him into a vampire, claiming that Ice would better serve as a fighter.

Vanilla Ice was the last of Dio's men who Jotaro's group faced. Ice fought against Muhammad Abdul, Jean Pierre Polnareff, and Iggy. Ice instantly killed Abdul upon meeting them then engaged Polnareff and Iggy to a fight. Iggy lost his life to Ice as well before Polnareff finally killed him.



Vanilla Ice was turned into a vampire by Dio. He can be destroyed in sunlight.


Vanilla Ice's Stand, Cream has the ability to devour space and matter. Cream has an extra-dimensional space in it's mouth which is used to devour, as well as providing a place for itself and Ice to hide. While hiding in the extra-dimensional space, Cream and Ice will become invincible because they will no longer be in the dimension of this world and will have effectively disappeared from existence. Cream can still devour while hiding.

On the other hand, while Ice and Cream are in the extra-dimensional space, they are unable to perceive the dimension of this world and they may end up moving and attacking blindly.

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