$34.99 at K-Mart next week

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Indeed! I was thinking about picking this up, and there's no excuse, now.

#3 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11406 posts) -

Damnit, I already got the game at KMart to get a $20 off coupon. I could have saved five dollars by waiting!!!!

#4 Posted by KingPossum (236 posts) -

I;m picking this up for sure. Was going to get this eventually when it was on sale but this makes it a must by for the end of this month.

#5 Posted by Googly (245 posts) -

Literally just bought this today, so I will hold on to my receipt and return the copy I will buy from K Mart at the original place I bought it from to get some money back. Woop.

#6 Posted by Crashnburn83 (15 posts) -

Hell yeah thanks for the info definitely picking this up now!

#7 Posted by sickVisionz (1268 posts) -

Will buy.  I NV was supposed to be my last purchase of the year but $35 is too cheap to pass up.

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Feels too good to be true.  Like the sale is going to go live at some weird time and it'll be sold out within seconds.
They removed Enslaved from the whole site which was their previous deal...

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