dr_ryanj's Vanquish (PlayStation 3) review


One of the most wonderfully cheesy games in recent memory, maybe only second to Overkill.

The story? Robot Commies are threatening to take over the world. You're all-star badass Sam Gideon (okay, maybe the suit is the real hero here, but I digress) and you need to save some crazy important scientist.

Who gives a fuck, right?

Vanquish is an adrenaline rush. It's about skidding on your knees at high speeds, firing Rommies filling the screen, firing all they got on you. It's about taking out gigantic transforming robots that decimate you in a single shot. This game is so Japanese, it even shows true Nintendo-Hard characteristics when you die and all your weapons downgrade a whole, entire, level. Damn. Demon's Souls, eat your heart out. Of course, there's a way to easily circumnavigate this "annoyance", but I don't want to ruin the game for you.

The visuals can be absolutely stunning at times, notably the Monorail level, where you get a perfect view of the ring shaped world.

The levels are varied and never Ever get boring.

The game, like an adrenaline rush, doesn't last too long. I played it on hard and beat it in roughly 7 hours.

I wish I could give this game higher praise, but there's just not much there. However, what is here is incredibly solid.

definitely rent.


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