troll93's Vanquish (PlayStation 3) review

Not so good

he follow up to Platinum Game’s Bayonetta, Vanquish is a game that was built around its personality. However, this doesn’t work when the personality is weak and somewhat pathetic.

This is a game designed by a Japanese developer for a western audience. It feels like all the research that they did was watch a lot of bad Van Dam movies. This results in a game that makes it feel like it was made in a time that has long past. If this was the only problem that the game had it might be forgivable. It’s a shame then that it does so much else wrong.

The campaign has you blasting your way through a standard 3rd person shooter. This only individual component of this game is that it les you blast around the stages on your knees blasting robots. While this sounds cool it is completely pointless and you never real need to use it. This means that you just run from cover to cover shooting Russian robots.

The campaign will take you roughly 6 hours to play through on medium and after that there is not much to do. This story is incredibly simple and truth be told, stupid. Every plot twist is completely see through. This means that the biggest incentive to finish the game is to get the achievement points.

The graphics are nothing to really be proud about with the textures being blurry and unfocused. The animations are a mixed bag. The changing of your gun is very smooth and amazing to look at. This is odds with the animations of everything else which are jacked.

The sound is terrible with some of the worst voice acting that I have heard this year. No one gives anything that resembles a passable job. The rest of the sounds in the game are very week. Nothing has enough bass and are to quiet. This adds to the felling that you are just draining health bars by holding down fire.

This all adds up to a mess of a game that while functional, is incredibly dull and week. If you are a big fan of Japanese culture you might enjoy it but to everyone one else, give this on a miss.

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