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Like A Ballet, Only With More Exit Wounds 17

Thanks to games like Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2, interactive storytelling has taken some big steps forward in 2010. Indeed, it seems that many developers have recently been putting a great amount of effort into immersing you in dark and engrossing worlds, and gaming is overall better because of this. Luckily, PlatinumGames recognizes that not every new shooter on the block needs to be as emotional as it is bombastic, and the res...

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The best third person shooter, ever 4

PrefaceShooting games. Next to the RPG, this genre most clearly proves the split in design mentality between the east and the west. Both in the east and the west, shoot’em ups (or shmups) began proper with Space Invaders.To contrast, in the west, we fell in love with the art and pacing of games like R-type, and created the sub-genre of shooting games known as “euroshmups“; A focus on visuals, a predilection for horizontal scrolling, and a lessened focus on pure hardcore skill and more on story a...

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High Octane Brilliance 0

Platinum Games are a developer with a knack for creating games that are outlandish, mesmerising, and unique, and Vanquish is no exception. The game has you don a space-age DARPA battle suit and take on the role of Sam Gideon, an elite soldier fighting the robot military of an evil Russia, who has devastated San Francisco using an enormous space laser. Wrap your head around that and you’ll get a feel for the general tone that the game is trying to set, not just in its narrative, but also in its v...

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Throttling Your Throttlers 1

Vanquish definitely looks great, and is likely the craziest shooter you'll play in a while.  Vanquish's unnecessary score screen perfectly sums up what kind of game it's trying to be: one that doesn't just want the player to advance through its levels, enemies, and bosses, but to excel at it. Death carries a harsh, 1000-point penalty, and the sluggish player gets no time bonus. Like in most games that score you, the actual scoring aspect serves no clear purpose other than to encourage or humilia...

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V Fast V Furious 0

Vanquish is a very simply title. Shoot stuff, move fast, look cool. That is it.   There is a story in there somewhere (I saw a credit for story writing) but I was moving so fast, I must have missed it. And it could not matter less. The Russians do massive damage to San Francisco and they say they will do the same to New York next. So, you have do dawn the cyber suit of awesome awesomeness and kick Russian robot ass. And do it in style.   Vanquish takes the Gears of War "stop and pop" formula and...

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Bayonetta, Vanquish, Platinum Games Forever 0

I just finished playing Vanquish. Amazing.After playing Bayonetta, I was convinced that Platinum Games were one of the greatest game companies ever. On paper, I'd never have bought Vanquish, but when I saw that it was made by Platinum, I had to try it.I don't think I've ever really played a third-person shooter. I've played third-person platform games with a little shooting---like Musashi and Tomb Raider. I think the closest I've come is Parasite Eve on the PS1. I've certainly never played anyth...

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Better than the real thing 2

 So I can envision in my head a meeting between Shinji Mikami of PlatinumGames and the president of Sega, whom I presume answers to the name “Supreme Asshole Man.” I envision Mr Asshole Man giving Shinji and his friends permission to have their crazy niche action game about the librarian stripper with the guns on her heels and old arcade games in her heart published by Sega. But in return, SAM demands that Shinji make a game custom-built to succeed in America. A third-person, cover-based ...

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Vanquish Review 1

By -- Craig HartVanquish is the fourth title from developer Platinum Games and is the latest game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. Vanquish is an extremely fast-paced third-person shooter that packs solid gameplay with fantastic visuals.In Vanquish, players will assume the role of Sam Gideon, a military researcher, who comes equipped with a super advance battle suit called the ARS (Augmented Reaction Suit). The suit provides Sam with armor, slow-motion abilities and thrust mechanics (am...

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I developed hand tremors after playing Vanquish. Coincidence? Almost certainly. 0

Vanquish is Gears of War, but fast. It’s a chrome-armored cover-based third-person shooter, but instead of roadie running you fly around on your knees propelled by a jetpack.After each session of playing Vanquish I felt like I was having heart palpitations. I felt like a kid buzzing after binging on candy and cartoons. I have never done yoga before – I tried it for the first time after playing three straight hours of Vanquish. With my eyes closed and my breath slowed, I saw images of robots expl...

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A familiar yet fresh experience 0

Vanquish is a third-person shooter from always-making-a-new-IP developer, Platinum Games. It is set in the future where Russia and the United States are suddenly at war. The action of the game take place on a city-like space station. Players will assume the role of Sam, a wearer of bad ass future armor and Solid Snake clone. Featuring a pretty robust tutorial, Vanquish quickly teaches players the perks and limits of the suit. Shortly after the tutorial it is learned that Russia has broken the pe...

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Vanquish is the video game equivalent of light speed travel 0

Vanquish is not your typical 3rd person shooter, sure it might have cover, d-pad weapon switching and a few other things you might expect to find in one but the gameplay feels more like a severely modded version of Ninja Gaiden but with guns. Now if that doesn’t get you interested in Vanquish, then odds are this game isn’t for you, if it does, then read on to find out why you absolutely must play this game.   The movement is one of the main things that separates Vanquish apart. Everything about...

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A blockbuster movie in game form....and it's good! 0

You really got to appreciate a game like Vanquish coming out around this time. From the realistic military workings of Medal of Honor to the apocalyptic doom of New Vegas, here comes this game that basically says "we do what Michael Bay can't do on his best days: deliver a rousing summer blockbuster", only this time it's in video game form. The action's over the top, it's frenetic, runs at a very smooth pace and the controls feel right but keep in mind "summer blockbuster" also means something e...

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Sophisticated, intense, beautiful. 0

Vanquish is no ordinary third-person shooter. It has most of the things you would expect from a game in the genre these days – walls you can attach to for cover, regenerating health, a limited number of weapons you switch between with the D-pad – but whereas games like Gears of War and Uncharted are about being a badass right from the get-go, Vanquish is about becoming one.   You see, in Vanquish everything is limited. You can boost across the battlefield at breakneck speed, but doing so will qu...

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Vanquish 0

The basic story of Vanquish revolves around the Earth becoming overpopulated and mankind is pushed to the brink of primitive wars in response to natural resources becoming scarce. America develops a space colony called SC-01 Providence. A faction in Russia called The Order of the Russian Star siege power in their homeland and launch a surprise attack on the American space colony. They destroy San Francisco with their new weapon of mass destruction and threaten to destroy New York City if America...

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A good action game, but one that came out about 4 years too late 0

In short, Vanquish is the Japanese take on the Unreal-powered, gray, cover-based, space marine shooter genre. It is so loaded with today’s overused clichés that it is almost amusing. It also throws some specifically Japanese touches in there, like a marathon opening cut scene, a score summary at the end of each mission, Metal Gear style dialog boxes, and the occasional short skirt with a low camera angle. Despite having so much that you have seen before, however, Vanquish manages to have its own...

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Dripping with 90's Japanese Game Design 0

Popping this game into my console I have to say I was taken aback by what I initially found. This game has so much 1990's game design flair in it you would think that you were lost in a time warp. When you first load up the main screen you are greeted with some techno music, a robot voice saying "Vanquish" and a rolling screen with glowing text. I felt like I was loading up F-Zero or some other futuristic racer.The Japanese game design doesn't stop there though. Everything from the character des...

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Dude Rocket Knees 0

Do you have rocket knees in Gears of War?   No you don’t, let me tell you about who does have rocket knees.   Vanquish is the new game by Platinum Games the same developers who brought you Bayonetta earlier this year.(2010)   Does Vanquish have what it takes to set it apart from other third person cover based shooters or is it just another Gears of War clone? You play as Sam Gideon who works for a research company that develops new battlefield technologies and applications named DARPA.   DARPA s...

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Sliding it Home. 0

Although it was out just over a year ago I hadn’t really given it a fair chance. I tossed it aside, rather hastily I might add. While Vanquish sat neglected on a shelf I plunged countless hours in to Reach and the many other high profile titles that were released around that time.I don’t know where to start Vanquish is an all over great game. It has been slandered due to it’s length like many other games these days. But what it lacks in length it makes up for in game play. An innovative styled c...

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Vanquish Review 0

        We begin by seeing a nice view of San Francisco. Family’s walking through the park, sunlight glistening off the water, which is soon abrupted by a giant space station that by using a power much like the Death Star to destroy the city, from here Russia demands The United States to surrender or else they will fall. Obviously with this being the United States, and a video game surrender is not an option. So you, Sam, the man that is wearing the powerful ARS battle suit your off to go find o...

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Pete Townsend-sliding into my heart. 0

  Since the launch of "Gears of War," the 3rd-person shooter genre has been dominated by clunky, cover-based affairs that continually failed to match the finesse of Epic's game. With the release of "Vanquish," Platinum Games and "Resident Evil" creator Shinji Mikami have injected a much-needed shot of adrenalin into the heart of this boorish trend. In "Vanquish" you play as DARPA Agent Sam Gideon, an American operative charged with securing Providence, a satellite colony and effec...

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Platinum delivers another home run in over the top action 0

Here we have an example of a game that probably flew under a lot of radars. I only heard a little bit about it personally but the review was enough for me to try it out. Quite frankly, Vanquish is a pretty good game. Created by Platinum Games of Bayonetta fame, you will definitely enjoy your time with this futuristic shooter.The shooting is pretty standard. There really isn't anything that stands out in either the good or bad category. Adequate would sum it up nicely. There was the...

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Vanquish Review 0

With the recent announcement of Platinum games being put in charge of Metal Gear Rising I thought it was high time we took a look at Vanquish again.So the most important thing for a third person shooter is of course gameplay.Vanquish is fast and frenetic throwing wave after wave of robot’s in the path of your bullet time assisted… well… bullets. It’s immediately engaging and provided enough of a difficulty curve that kept the game interesting in fact one of its best features is its challenge and...

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Pretty Damn Badass 1

While putting together my review for Vanquish, I came across a bit of a conundrum – I couldn’t find an adequate word to describe Platinum’s Game latest masterpiece. A word so simple it could sum up the whole game in less than ten syllables. A word that could encapsulate everything about my experiences playing this little masterpiece. So I settled for this: Vanquish is… pretty badass. From the moment you fire off your first boost glide, Vanquish overloads your senses from every direction...

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Hold on Tight 0

 You can tell that a game is fast paced when activating bullet time merely slows time to a pace other games would deem regular. Such is the case with Vanquish, the third person cover-based shooter from Platinum Games. While it doesn't do a lot to innovate within the genre, the game's fast paced gameplay and intense action provides an entertaining experience. Set in the near future, Vanquish has you taking on the role of DARPA agent Sam Gideon, an ex-football playing, smoking, all around American...

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One of the most wonderfully cheesy games in recent memory, maybe only second to Overkill.The story? Robot Commies are threatening to take over the world. You're all-star badass Sam Gideon (okay, maybe the suit is the real hero here, but I digress) and you need to save some crazy important scientist.Who gives a fuck, right?Vanquish is an adrenaline rush. It's about skidding on your knees at high speeds, firing Rommies filling the screen, firing all they got on you. It's about taking out gigantic ...

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These Robots Aren't Just Evil-- They're RUSSIAN! 0

Platinum Games has made a name for itself offering unapologetically hardcore games like the monochromatic blood-feast  Mad World, the hyper-sexual beat ‘em up Bayonetta, and the methodically paced RPG Infinite Space. Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil and founding member of Platinum Games, has directed the company’s latest creation.Set in the not-too-distant but typically dismal future, Vanquish pits the game’s chain-smoking, cybernetic suit-wearing protagonist, Sam Gideon, against an army ...

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Not so good 0

he follow up to Platinum Game’s Bayonetta, Vanquish is a game that was built around its personality. However, this doesn’t work when the personality is weak and somewhat pathetic. This is a game designed by a Japanese developer for a western audience. It feels like all the research that they did was watch a lot of bad Van Dam movies. This results in a game that makes it feel like it was made in a time that has long past. If this was the only problem that the game had it might be forg...

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Giving Gears of War a Run For It's Money Since 2010 0

When I first heard about Vanquish, being dubbed as the "Gears of War on crack" that it was alleged to be, I almost sighed. Such an expression is over-done, and nearly everytime I hear the idiom "on crack" the thoughts that translate in my head are "RIP-OFF" in plain capitals. Heck, I'm sure many gamers might remember when Duke Nukem Time to Kill was given such a title against Lara Croft. We PC gamers though are probably more familiar with the title when it used to describe the stand-alone Gold S...

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