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Vargas the Mad is one of the original Brigand Kings, introduced to the game in April 2006. On English Oceans he is captain of the crew Circle of Madness and is king of the flag The Enlightened. On the Opal Ocean he is called Vargas der Irre, is captain of the crew Zirkel des Wahnsinns and is king of the flag Die Erleuchteten. On the Jade Ocean he is called Vargas el Loco, is captain of the crew Círculo de la locura and is king of the flag El Iluminado. 

All of Vargas' crew are bald and his symbol is a teardrop, in two concentric circles, with six small shapes coming off of the outer circle. He can only be fought in a rumble and upon defeating him the victors will receive one of four trinkets: a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece, a Reading Pipe, a Scientific Tome or a Siren's Comb. 

Vargas was introduced as the leader of the Cursed Isles cultists during the Halloween 2008 events. During the events Vargas not only left a statue of himself at the Masquerade Ball but the events also included a number of riddles related to Vargas. He occasionally appears on the Cursed Isles themselves for rumble fights. 


  • One interesting piece of evidence of Vargas' madness is that according to the island news he posts on the noticeboards of the islands he is in control of, he demands that his citizens perform a different bizarre action on every day of the week, such as harassing turtles or throwing cabers.

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