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In the year 2078, the inhabitants of Vault 87 were taken into airtight chambers and exposed to the FEV virus. Because the orders to do so came from Vault-Tec, the Overseer of the vault nor his security guards knew what they were doing. The first vault inhabitants exposed to the virus mutated into Super Mutants, and then forced the other vault dwellers to mutate as well.
The Super Mutants from the vault are so obsessed with preserving their species that for 200 years they've been capturing humans from around the Capital Wasteland and have been bringing them to the vault to transform them into even more Mutants. 
Vault 87 is well known among Fallout 3 fans for being nearly impossible to "discover" (getting it to appear on the map as a marked location). The reason being is that the entrance to the Vault is so irradiated that it's possible for players to die instantly from radiation poisoning. Near the door, the radiation can get as bad as 3,000 RADS/second. Players can reach the door by using console commands on PC or by jacking up their radiation and spamming RadAway into their system. Even if the player does manage to reach the door, it's [INACCESSIBLE]. Thus, your valiant and heroic effort to reach the door by any means possible will have gone to waste.

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