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Vazaelle was once an Erudite living among the Heretics of Paineel, praticing necromancy.  She was a devout Cazicite and a productive member of society within southern Odus.  Through a combination of religious zeal and prophetic visions brought to her by the Faceless, she was stripped of her sanity.  This was Cazic-Thule's plan all along, for he quickly lifted her to the outer planes, proclaiming her the goddess of madness and creating her own realm in the likeness of Old Paineel.  From this Plane of Madness, Vazaelle forsees the future of random mortals.  Depending on her current mental state at the time of her visions, the individual she shares this glimpse of the future with will be struck with some degree of insanity for the rest of their days.


In most lore, Vazaelle Kaleine is still depicted as an Erudite woman.  She is shown wearing a black robe with a revealing top, her head and arms draped in a transluscent veil of silver.  She is one of many gods who have yet to return to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.    

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