reverendhunt's Vectorman (Genesis) review

A Sega classic

Vectorman was just one of those games that I was sold on just by the commercial alone. The screenshots in magazines didn't really pique my interest, but seeing it in action made all the difference. The game at the time was super gorgeous and really showed what the Genesis was capable of. Even today there are aesthetics that Vectorman seems to dwarf the current generation on.

Of course, pretty moving pictures aren't worth much if the gameplay doesn't hold up, and thankfully, Vectorman doesn't disappoint. It's a bit on the tough side - I actually don't think I ever actually beat it - but I certainly did have a lot of fun playing it. Vectorman's also chock full of clever secrets, even as early in the game as the freaking Sega logo, where there is a hidden game and an off-screen power-up. There's a lot of love and care put into this cartridge that although par for the course in Sega's heyday, is hard to find in newer games.

There really isn't anything I can hate about Vectorman, and for that reason it's always got a place in my heart.

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