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Players start with a two story hotel with each floor broken up into twenty squares. Various items can be built on the the squares using money and favors. These items take a specific amount of time to complete after which they provide bonuses to your tower. Users may build more floors for a total of 100. Licences are also available for purchase which unlock more types of buildable items. Quests may be completed to earn money and favor bonuses.


The in-game currency is earned by collecting rent on rooms, stores, restaurants, and venues. Collecting rent is done by clicking on the item's squares at certain intervals depending on the item. Completing quests also gives money. Money is used when building new items as well as unlocking licences.


Favors are earned by dealing with events or completing quests. Favors are needed to build some items and unlocking licences. They can also be used to instantly complete the building of items.


Your level is determined by the number of completed quests with each quest equaling one level.


Every real life second equals two minutes in-game.


Population is determined by the number of NPCs are currently in your tower. Having entertainment attracts new people, but the tower must have enough rooms to accommodate the increase.


Each item costs money, and most cost favors as well. Some items require you to unlock licences before building them.


Number of FloorsPriceLicences NeededTime
56000Modern Engineering<1H


Stairs100+1 Productivity2W x 1H
Escalator800+5 Noise, +2 Productivity2W x 1H

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