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Veigar is a master of the black magical arts, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to single targets and groups alike. His strength lies in his ability to increase his magical power by performing finishing strikes with his "Baleful Strike" ability, allowing him to reach levels of power unthinkable to other champions.


Growing up in his hometown of Bandle City, Veigar spent his time studying his favorite subject, the outside world of Valoran. He eventually took a job with a business that traded with the other city-states, becoming involved with a Noxian trader and being left to take the fall from a deal gone wrong. Imprisoned inside Noxus for several years, and separated from the land he so loved, his mind slowly left him. Upon his escape, he traveled the world undertaking magical training the dark wizards of Valoran, becoming a tiny force to be reckoned with. Now a master in his own right, he takes to the Fields of Justice with a single goal, to bring every city-state under his twisted reign.


  • Baleful Strike
  • Dark Matter
  • Event Horizon
  • Primordial Burst
  • Equilibrium


Upon selection

  • "Know that if the tables were turned, I would show you no mercy!"


  • "I smell death!"
  • "It's only a short way? Is that a short joke?!"
  • "Stalking prey again?!"
  • "Suffering awaits!"
  • "The magic, it calls to me!"
  • "Yes! *insane laughter*"
  • "Your commands tire me!"
  • "Even death trembles in my presence!"
  • "Even now, your loved ones suffer!"
  • "Give up now!"
  • "I AM evil! Stop laughing!"
  • "I can see the fear in your heart!"
  • "I will swallow your soul!"
  • "Your soul will come to serve me!"


  • "You deny the darkness in your soul! You deny your power!"


  • "What's black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?!"

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