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Veksar was the last part of Kunark to be discovered by the newcomers from Faydwer and Antonica during the Age of Turmoil. Around two thousand years before, when the shissar mysteriously vanished from the continent and the Iksar gained their freedom, the Kylong tribe of Iksar built a glorious resort in the middle of the largest lake in the land. Back then, the lake was accessible by sea, which made Veksar a magnificent port city. After a thousand years of prosperity, a catastrophe hit the region. Some say it was a massive earthquake, while some tell tales of a viscious dragon laying waste to Veksar. The city sank to the bottom of what is now known as the Lake of Ill Omen. Remnants of the once popular city can be seen all around the lake to this day, and the highest towers of the city can be seen peaking through the water line. An entrance to the city remains exposed, although at the bottom of the lake. Most Iksar dare not dive to such depths for fear that their beloved city has sunk too close to the Underfoot. Erudites, such as Professor Akabao in the nearby windmill, know the dangers of the Underfoot all too well thanks to The Hole. Those who have entered Veksar return with tales of a powerful magic that has kept much of the city from being flooded. Hundreds of ghosts of the city's long lost citizens currently roam the halls of the once beautiful city. A powerful undead dragon known as Garudon haunts the ruins, lending weight to the theory that Veksar's destruction was due to more than a natural earthquake.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Bloodgill Warlord
  • Brother Eruk
  • Champion Kamak
  • Cursed Hand
  • Decaying Lord Galuk Drek
  • Decaying Slavemaster
  • Deformed Hand
  • Explorer Gamus
  • Feral Lord Gulok
  • Garudon
  • Hierophant Ginai
  • Hierophant Vradik
  • Iksar Behemoth
  • Iksar Highborn
  • Kylong Crusader
  • Kylong Lich
  • Lord Sasil
  • Luminary Salox
  • Raging Bloodgill
  • Remains of Sythrax
  • Sad Slave
  • Trooper Muruk
  • Undead Chef
  • Undead Thief
  • Undying Blacksmith
  • Warlock Dirloz
  • Warlock Gurag

Notable Items

  • Band of Twilight
  • Battleworn Ch'Ror
  • Belt of Lost Souls
  • Blood Infused Stone Necklace
  • Bloodgill Belt
  • Bloodgill Cap
  • Bloodgill Shaman's Effigy
  • Bloodgill Shaman's Staff
  • Boots of the Kunzar Wanderer
  • Bow of Gloaming
  • Bracelet of Lost Souls
  • Breastplate of the Healing Waters
  • Ceremonial Kylong Shroud
  • Ceremonial Sh'Voth
  • Dark Bracer of Writhing
  • Darkguard Chestplate
  • Dented Kunzar War Helm
  • Double Edge Ga'Nak
  • Draconian Idol
  • Dukatlos
  • Earring of the Darkfaith
  • Eyepatch of Warding
  • Fer'Esh Defender
  • Garudon Boneshard Earring
  • Garudon's Statue
  • Glowing Bath Token
  • Gomdurig
  • Hammer of Forgotten City
  • Hooked So'Shar
  • Kunzar Ceremonial Deathshroud
  • Kunzar Tu'Lal
  • Kylong Darkmail Boots
  • Kylong Darkmail Bracer
  • Kylong Darkmail Breastplate
  • Kylong Darkmail Coif
  • Kylong Darkmail Gauntlets
  • Kylong Darkmail Girdle
  • Kylong Darkmail Leggings
  • Kylong Darkmail Pauldrons
  • Kylong Darkmail Visor
  • Kylong Shinguards
  • Mana Cinched Leggings
  • Mantle of Ill Omen
  • Mithril Spiked Collar
  • Moss Covered Cloak
  • Moss Covered Handwraps
  • Moss Covered Hood
  • Moss Covered Leggings
  • Moss Covered Sleeves
  • Naraithus
  • Necklace of Dark Rituals
  • Platinum Plated Re'Stek
  • Razor-edged Claw
  • Razor-edged Shan'Tok
  • Ribbon of Empathy
  • Ring of Dark Intellect
  • Ring of the Lost Soul
  • Ritual Talisman of Fate
  • Rotting Iksar Claw
  • Shadowbone Ring
  • Shiny Pantaloons
  • Silken Veil of Gazing
  • Soulscream Bracer
  • Soulscream Shoulderpads
  • Tempered Gold Mask
  • Tu'Nakk Parryblade
  • Waterlogged Armwraps

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