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A 1991 4-player Arcade brawler, Vendetta is the sequel to Crime Fighters from 1989. Released in the same year as other Konami brawlers like The Simpsons and Sunset Riders, Vendetta was generally overlooked by many Arcade owners and players alike.


Expanding on gameplay from the Crime Fighters players can hit enemies in the groin with their knees during multi-hit combos to stun them for a second, take advantage of downed enemies to pummel them or knock them off ledges, and wield weapons to comical ends.

Prompts allow quick players to take advantage of enemies
Prompts allow quick players to take advantage of enemies

Each player has a punch and kick attack as well as a leaping attack unleashed by pressing both buttons at once. Objects can be picked up and thrown at enemies and many contain more weapons or health-boosting food items. Some objects, like a crate early in Stage 1, causes a black cat to dart across the screen, startling an otherwise intimidating enemy.

Play continues from left to right through several screens before players reach a boss battle. Later stages include a construction site with debris-laden cranes that can be dropped on the player and the inevitable falling elevator/stream of enemies scene.

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